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One the aspects of high school sport that I find most rewarding and challenging is working with students who are struggling with motivation.  Often times when a student will meet with me to discuss that they are not happy or no longer motivated to train, what evolves in the meeting is a conversation about their general unhappiness or lack of motivation across all areas of their life.  Alarmingly, these conversations happen frequently with boys in this age group and I suspect that for every boy who has the courage to speak up, there are many others that quietly go about their days saying nothing at all.       

Over the past month, I have been working my way through Ayn Rand’s classic novel, Atlas Shrugged.  Underlying the story of the novel is her philosophy of Objectivism, which she slowly reveals through the actions of the main characters.  Motivation is a central topic to the novel; when she unpacks her philosophy, her premise is that man’s motivation requires an objective and rational assessment of reality and a confidence in his ability as a human being to pursue his goals.  My favourite quote from the book is; “I never found beauty in longing for the impossible and never found the possible to be beyond my reach.”

Like most books that I read, I often think about how the concepts may apply to the boys of our College.  In most of the conversations that I have with boys about motivation, the common theme is that a boy feels a lack of passion to pursue goals.  Most of the time this comes from either not having goals at all, or more worryingly, pursuing goals that are not his own. When this is the case, most boys then don’t see the purpose for working hard, being part of a team, or enjoying the process.  This quickly leads to burnout and lack of motivation. Interestingly, when the topic is moved away from sport, the same trend can often be uncovered across all areas of their lives.

Why am I bringing this to your attention?  I often times think about this myself with my own son. And, most of us as parents know very well the fine balancing act between encouraging and forcing our kids to do things.  I know myself, very well, how quickly and easily it is to cross that boundary. So, the reason I’m highlighting this, is that we see the outcome of the boy who reaches his senior years feeling that he doesn’t have any goals that he has set for himself.       

What can I do as a parent?  If we also look objectively at ourselves, and more importantly our boys – we have an immense capacity to help them achieve as young men. Here are my thoughts:

1. Assess whether your boy is happy or not.  Speak to him about this. Find out what’s making him unhappy if he is.  Most boys don’t like talking about this stuff, but eventually they do.

2. Assess whether your boy is pursuing his own goals, or goals that you, or the College, have set for him.  Be worried if he can’t tell you a personal goal of his own.

3. Challenge him to set his own goals and accept that they may be different to your own.  He is a young man – this is an important part of him developing his own identity and motivation.

4. Once he has his own clear goals, then hold him accountable for his actions in pursuing them. This is the opportunity to work on character, values and work ethic.

This Saturday marks the first race of the season for our Senior Rowers.  It’s a good opportunity for the boys to see where they stand compared to the competition.  This season, our Rowers have covered more kilometres in the pre-season than I have ever seen in my time at Scots.  I would like to commend the efforts of our Director of Rowing, Bob Shirlaw and his team of coaches in working with all of the boys across the program to ensuring that all of our boys have clear goals, an understanding of what they need to do to achieve them and a training program that holds them accountable, that’s based on hard work as a team.  I have no doubt that with this approach to the sport that what is being built at the shed will create success in the future. 

I would like to congratulate our 1st XV Cricket team who kicked off their AAGPS Championship season on Saturday with a good win against Newington and wish all of our teams and boys success this Saturday.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

From Mr Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Last weekend we played Newington in most fixtures.

Well done to Waterpolo who continued their excellent results in the pool. The 1sts and 2nds both winning. Well done also to the 15's who won 20-1.

Cricket started the GPS season with a good win against Newington in the 1st XV. Well done to Captain Jack Attenborough who scored 85 and Shehan Sinnetamby with 64 in Scots 273. Newington were dismissed for 204 with Alec Bathgate getting 3 wickets. The 2nd XV had a tough day going down at Newington. Well done to the 14A's who scored a massive 233 with Henry James getting a great century.

Basketball had some mixed results with the 1sts and 2nds both going down by 6 points.

Well done to the 14's age group who were undefeated against Newington.

Tennis again continued on their winning way with the 1sts winning 8-1 and the 2nds winning 9-0. Well done to the 14A's to 14D's who had strong wins.

Volleyball had one win from 3 games. Well done to the 3rds who won 2 sets to 1. Also good results for the 1sts Table Tennis team who won 5-0.

For Sportfishing, last weekend’s “catch of the week” was Rhys Dominelli’s 38cm silver trevally caught on a soft plastic lure in Double Bay.

This weekend we play St Josephs and Sydney Grammar in most fixtures.

From Mr Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE 

This week the MBH team will be working with each year group from 8-10 to introduce the new bespoke MBH dashboard. Students will be able to quickly understand how they are progressing in each of the physical metrics monitored in the MBH program. This will also be the new software used to register for MBH sessions. This is essential prior to turning up for training sessions and attendance will be accurately tracked and reported on the student profile.

We are also very excited to announce that plans are in place to give the gym facility an upgrade and a new floor plan that will allow for improved processing capacity and better outcomes for all students. We anticipate this upgrade to occur before the end of the year. It is an exciting time to be at Scots!

Looking forward to seeing more boys in the gym over the coming weeks.

As always come and get ‘the STRONG advantage!’

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Prep News

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

This week in Round 10 Fixtures we play Kings in the cricket; St Pius and Cranbrook in Basketball; Newington and Waverley in Water Polo and Grammar and Riverview in the tennis. This week we are also hosting Trinity from Melbourne as part of their summer sport tour with fixture against them at School on Monday.


With only 3 rounds to go the Tennis season is quickly coming to an end, a highlight of Round 10 will be the arrival of Trinity College from Melbourne who will take on both our A and B teams. Good luck to all involved this weekend.

Mr James Bruce, Preparatory Tennis Coordinator


Some outstanding performances once again from Prep Cricket teams over the weekend. Hopefully the weather can hold off so our young cricketers can get out there and put their hard work from practice into action!  

Mr Greg Clarence,Preparatory Cricket Coordinator


Round 9 saw some exciting games contested across Junior and Senior Prep. All Year 4 teams recorded wins against Trinity and Cranbrook. In the Senior Prep, the 1sts had a close win against Riverview. Indeed, most of the games in the Senior Prep teams against Riverview finished with close results. This is really pleasing as the boys learn the most from these close games, win, lose or draw. Good luck to all teams this Saturday in our Round 10 fixtures.

Mr James Tracey, Preparatory Basketball Coordinator


Well done to our Swim team who competed at Trinity Summer Hill last week. This was our last carnival of the year and it was pleasing to see boys continuing to set personal best times. Credit to our relay teams particularly our Open Relay team who remain undefeated at all levels and carnivals all year.

Mr Brent Wilsmore, Preparatory Swimming Coordinator


The 2018 PSSA Athletics Championships were held on Thursday at SOPAC. The Scots College had a total of four athletes representing CIS. We competed in the Junior Relay. The Junior Relay finished 18th overall. The members of the relay team included: Nic Clarke, Max Hogan, Conrad Blackwell Smith, Daniel Ibrahim. Our boys were competing against the top athletes across the entire state. It is a huge achievement to make it to this level and the entire athletics team should be extremely proud of their efforts this year. The College is extremely proud of you. Well done!

Mr Andrew Goldrick, Preparatory Athletics Coordinator

Story of the Week - Prep Sailing Tour of Tasmania

The Year 6 Prep Sailors enjoyed a very successful tour of Tasmania in the first week back this term. Hosted by The Hutchins School who maintain a very successful sailing program and continually produce a very competitive team, the boys were blessed with beautiful weather and gracious billet families for their stay. It was a student from Friends who won the final day point score, with Ben Crafoord and Jacob Marks taking second and third place. The highlight of the trip was certainly witnessing a couple of very rare southern right whales, a humpback whale and many seals within metres of our boat while touring around Bruny Island.

Thank you to Beau Junk who worked tirelessly to get the tour arranged and to the parents, John Crerar and Brent Wilsmore for being so supportive of the inaugural Prep Sailing Tour to Tasmania.

I am very much looking forward to doing it again next year!

Mr Nick Spencer, Preparatory Sailing Coordinator