The Backpage Term 3 Week 3

What is the purpose of High School sport? I often hear this topic being discussed and from many different positions. If you go back to Thomas Arnold’s original reason for introducing sport into the curriculum at Rugby school, the purpose was to use sport as a vehicle to build the moral character of the boys under his supervision.

A lot has changed since Arnold’s time. Often schools like Scots are accused of leading the way in the over-professionalism of school sport and championing a “win at all costs culture.”

Every Saturday, I have the chance to go to a number of venues to watch our boys play against other Colleges. It’s noticeable within minutes the distinctive cultures not only between schools but between sports within a school. Every Saturday this winter I have been particularly impressed with what I have seen from our boys across all venues. Sport as Arnold said, is an opportunity to build character. I must say, it is also an equal opportunity to reveal it.

At Scots we have a long-standing tradition in sport and our mission of inspiring boys to learn, lead and serve as we teach them to strive for excellence together is evident each weekend in the way that they play. This Saturday is our Back to Scots weekend and being the 125th anniversary of the College, it is a distinctive one - both a time to reflect on our proud history and tradition of producing graduates who are well-round, successful men of faith and character who have gone on to have great influence in the world and a time to celebrate the proud character and excellence of our current cohort of boys.

I look forward to seeing a great crowd support our boys on Saturday on what should prove to be one of the historic days of sport in Scots history and look forward to our current boys, Old Boys and Scots community displaying our proud history and tradition and most importantly our Scots character.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

From Mr Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

The sun was shining and some great results across all programs against Shore School in Rugby and Football, Waverley in Volleyball and Cross country out at Centennial Park.

Shore are one of the better Football schools and the results last weekend were fantastic. The 1st XI getting up in a tight 1-0 scoreline. Well done also to the 2nd XI who also won 1-0. The Football program is starting to see the rewards of some hard work.

Rugby was at home and the 1st XV continued on their premiership path with a 43-12 victory over Shore. The 2nd XV had a very close win with the score 21-20 when the final whistle went. Well done to the 14B team who continue their undefeated season with a 36-10 win.

Volleyball had some very good wins in 1sts and 2nds which is testament to a program on the move. Also well done to the 15A team who beat Newington.

Cross Country lost ground on Sydney Grammar and it will be difficult to peg them back in the race for the GPS premiership and Shooting was out at Malabar training.

This weekend is the 125 year Back to Scots day. Big crowds are expected and it should be a fantastic day against St Joseph’s. With a win the 2nd XV will be confirmed as Premiers. If the 1st XV win this weekend they will have a Championship game out at Kings for the final game.

From Mr Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

The Mind Body Heart team are very excited to launch our new bespoke platform that will revolutionise the way that athletes are prepared for competition. The platform will allow for real time tracking of progress and attendance and will be a one stop shop for registering for sessions. It is underpinned by a sophisticated artificial intelligence software that optimises sequence and scheduling of sessions designed to account for the athlete’s profile and chosen sport. This platform has been piloted with the year 7 Macintyre students with success and is now being rolled out over the entire year 7 cohort. Mr Lachlan Wylie has been working with the year 7 tutors to upskill both students and staff at using the new platform. It is an exciting time to be at Scots and the opportunities available to students are second to none.

Just a reminder to all athletes from years 8-12 to ensure that you have registered for your sessions using the MBH app and please arrive to sessions on time. Recently there have been a number of students arriving late to sessions. This creates safety concerns as missing warm up drills can lead to injury. I look forward to seeing athletes undergo final physical preparations as we move into the final weeks of the GPS competitive season.

Senior Sports News

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Rifle Shooting




Prep News

From Mr Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

It is great to see our boys shaking hands after intense competition. It's all part of sportsmanship, a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing within the spirit of the game and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity. It’s something we pride ourselves on at Scots and aligns with the philosophy of Junior School Sport and the IPSHA guidelines. This includes: playing fair; following the rules of the game; respecting the judgment of referees and officials and treating opponents with respect. Sportsmanship is an attitude and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you.

Everyone feels great when they win, but it can be just as hard to be a good sport when you've won a game as when you've lost one. Good sportsmanship takes maturity and courage. When you work really hard at a sport, it's not easy to admit you made a bad play or that someone has more skills than you. In competition as in life you may not always win but you can learn something from losing too. When you do lose don't take it out on your opponent, blame the officials, or blame your team. Good sportsmanship means congratulating the winners promptly and willingly. It means accepting the game's outcome without complaint and without excuses, even if you sometimes might feel the referees made a few questionable calls. When you win, the trick is to be a gracious and generous winner. Good sportsmanship means acknowledging victories without humiliating opponents, being quietly proud of success and letting victories speak for themselves. Demonstrating good sportsmanship is part of being a Fine Scots Boy!

Good luck to Toby Pallett who will be representing NSW at the Australian All Schools AFL Championships in Canberra over the next week.

In Round 10  we play Kings in Opens Rugby and Football along with Cranbrook in Rugby and Waverley in Football. This is the final round of winter sport for the Prep School.

Rugby League

Next week Finnlay Bartlett, Leo Jaques and Finnlay Bartlett will compete at the School Sport Australia Rugby League National Championships in Adelaide for the Gary Baulkin Cup. The three boys will play a maximum of 7 matches across the week and we wish the all the very best for the week ahead.

Mr James Bruce, Preparatory Rugby Coordinator

Stories of the Week -

Story 1 - Max Ries - Sydney Swans Reserve Grade Debut

Congratulations to Max Ries (year 12) who made his debut for the Sydney Swans reserve grade last month, July 7 in the NEAFL competition against the GWS Giants. Max’s confidence has grown in this new league and he continues to improve. Well done Max!

Max Ries (pictured above)

Story 2 - Cole Tapper and Tyler Creevey - Australian Sailing Representatives

Scots Sailors Cole Tapper and Tyler Creevey represented Australia at the European Championships in the 420 Class over the term 2 holidays. Cole and Tyler sailed a consistent regatta and held low scores across all races. In the last race of the series the boys only needed to place ahead of their Polish rivals and sailed a very smart tactical race to achieve this. As a result the boys where crowned European Champions. The pair are now in Newport RI USA preparing to represent Australia in the World Championships. Congratulations Cole and Tyler, well done!

The Scots Sailing community are following their progress as the boys compete from August 7 to 15.

Live streaming and results can be found via the below link.