The Backpage Term 3 Week 2

Over the holiday I had the opportunity to read the book Resilience, by Eric Greitens. One of my favourite chapters in the book was titled, Responsibility. Greiten states that one of the best predictors of a person’s resilience, happiness and potential success, is the degree to which they take responsibility for all areas of their lives.

In a series of studies that he conducted, he would determine the degree to which someone was taking responsibility for their own actions by how often they used “I” versus “they”, in conversations. What he determined was that the more often a person used the word “they” in conversation, the less likely they were to be taking responsibility for their own actions. He concluded, using a number of measurements, that those who frequently used “I” in conversation were happier and more likely to be successful.

At Scots we aim to teach our boys to become fine young men who strive for excellence together in the world with courage and conviction. Taking responsibility requires a boy to have a great deal of courage, because he is likely to feel a great deal of fear – fear of success and fear of failure in equal measures.

Over the coming weeks, we will be asking boys to take the responsibility of making sport selections that they choose to commit to. Our expectation is that boys work with their parents, tutors and coaches to ensure that their choices are well informed. As part of this, it is our policy that boys make selections at the end of year 7 to a sport that they choose to make a full commitment to throughout years 8 and 9. At the end of year 9 boys will have had the chance to trial sports and will then be asked to make the choice of the senior sport they will commit to throughout years 10,11 and 12.

As we teach boys to have brave hearts and bold minds, it is our responsibility as educators and parents to ensure that we are teaching boys the importance of responsibility and educating them that in taking that responsibility it is natural to fear success and failure while we support and encourage them to have the courage to strive for excellence.

Congratulations to all of our teams on a successful start to term 3. We look forward to a number of big Saturday’s of sport with, what is expected to be, one of our biggest ever home fixtures in two weeks against Joey’s.  We look forward to having the whole Scots community supporting.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

From Mr Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Last week our GPS shooters competed out at Anzac Range. Well done to our team on some good results. The team got off to a shaky start but then came home strongly over the final days.

Last weekend we went out to Riverview for Rugby and had Sydney Boys High for football. Our Volleyball team was up against Sydney Grammar and our Cross Country team was at Trinity.

In Football we had Josh Bousie score an amazing 4 goals which is a GPS record in the 5-0 victory over Sydney Boys High. Josh had already scored a hat trick in the first half and then later scored his fourth goal. The 2nds also winning with an impressive 6-0 scoreline. Well done to all Opens teams with the 8ths the only team going down.

Rugby out at Riverview is always a tough fixture. The 1st XV started really well and were up 28-0 at the break. They weathered the Riverview comeback and finished up with a 42-17 victory. Well done also to the 2nds with a 24-19 victory. The 3rds also winning out at McKay Oval vs Sydney Boys High 31-10. The 14A, B and C teams all had good wins.

Cross Country had a relay race last weekend and are now 4th overall. Well done to the boys.

Volleyball had some tough results against Sydney Grammar. Well done to the 15A's who had a good win.

From Mr Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

Over the recent holiday period I read a book by a former Navy Seal titled ‘Extreme Ownership’. It is a New York best seller and covers principles employed by the Seals to lead and win. Arguably the most important lesson in the book is looking at yourself in the mirror and asking the question ‘where can I do better?’ taking an approach to life whereby blame and excuses are redundant and no longer serve your best interest. It really is cultivating an attitude of accountability. Arnold Schwarzenegger summed it up perfectly in his motto “you can have results or you can have excuses, but you can’t have both!”

This is a winning attitude and an attitude that will carry you a long way in life. The Mind Body Heart Pathway is designed to cultivate this attitude and help students take accountability for themselves and their results. It is a journey of development and teaches boys the process of setting goals, designing success blueprints and executing the plan consistently. A very valuable and important lesson that should be learnt early in life. I want to encourage all boys to get involved in the MBH Pathway and make the most of the opportunities available to them at the College. I can guarantee it will be worth the effort.

Finally I want to remind all boys to continue to register for sessions using the MBH app or MBH platform. As always come and get ‘the STRONG advantage’!

Senior Sports News

Cross Country


Rifle Shooting




Prep News

From Mr Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

It was a pleasure taking the boys to Queensland for the Winter Sport Tour. We were hosted by The Southport School, where Dr Lambert’s was Head Boy. This was an incredibly successful tour and the first time our Rugby team won every game. We were again inundated with praise for our boys fine behaviour. For example "I wanted to personally let you know what delightful, well behaved and mannered young men were our billets. They are such fine examples for The Scots College” (email from TSS Parent) .

We played some exceptional teams and our boys approached these challenges with skill and determination. The final games against All Saints at the end of a very full 5 day tour were two of the best games for a long time. I look forward to seeing our 1st teams bring this experience for the final two rounds of the season against Barker and Newington.

Off the field it was impressive to see the growth of our boys as they developed both independence and an ability to work as a team. It was a highlight to see our boys make significant steps into fine young men. I am sure they will all take with them many fond memories for years to come.


Lucas Mitchelmore represented NSW at the Nationals in Hobart over the past week. He swam really well for the NSW relay team and particularly the medley relay where he finished over the top of some swimmers from other states and scored a bronze medal. A brilliant effort!

Mr Brent Wilsmore, MIC Swimming


A reminder that our House Athletics Carnival will be held next Thursday 9 August at SOPAC. Thank you to those parents that have submitted their online permission and transport forms. If for any reason your son’s transport arrangements change please contact your son’s class teacher directly. I will be sending out the program for the day via email early next week. Please ensure your son is aware of the events he is competing in.  I look forward to seeing the boys give their best next week at the carnival.

Mr Andrew Goldrick, Preparatory Athletics Coordinator

Cross Country

Congratulations to the following boys who represented NSWCIS at the NSWPSSA Cross-Country Championships, Eastern Creek on Friday 27 July, 2018.

Daniel Ibrahim U10s (59th)

Alexander Reid U11s (14th)

Harry Kyle U11s (46th)

George Verco U12/13s (4th)

Congratulations to the Prep Captain of Cross-Country, George Verco, who has qualified for the 2018 Australian Cross-Country Championships, to be held in August. We wish George the best of luck!

Well done and congratulations to all members of the Prep Cross-Country Team for a tremendous season in 2018.

Mr Ben Thomas, Preparatory Cross Country Coordinator

Stories of the Week -

Story 1 - Rifle Shooting GPS Season Wrap up

The 2018 Rifle Shooting season has come to an exciting conclusion with a tightly fought contest at the annual GPS competition last week at Hornsby.

Expectations were high given great results in Tasmania and the Australian Long Range championships in Victoria earlier in the year.

The week began strongly with a silver medal in the NSWRA All Schools Match. Shooting strongly across three stages the Number 1 team soundly beat Shore and High only being edged out by a dominant Newington team.

The three matches of the GPS competition shot at Hornsby bought mixed fortunes. Day one finished with the first team solidly placed in third. Looking to improve this on the second day the boys shot exceedingly well but were pushed into fifth in a final match that saw overall placement decided on a matter of single points.

The seconds team exceeded expectations producing the best scoreboard in a generation.

Congratulations to Archie Horton for his fine coaching and captaincy. Also to Yves Platt who was ranked number seven in GPS and was selected for the combined GPS team. This team competed against the Australian Under 25 side last Sunday and although beaten Yves cemented his position as one of the top shooters in the GPS.

Congratulations to all boys involved.

Mr Phil Cooney, Coordinator Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting Team (pictured above)

Story 2 - GPS Football Record Broken - Josh Bousie

Congratulations to Josh Bousie for breaking the GPS record for the most goals scored by a single player in a 1st XI match. Josh scored a record breaking four goals out of the five goals scored in his match against Sydney Boys High. The GPS Football competition has over the 30 years of history and to score four games in single match is an incredible achievement.

Josh is most deserving of this record as he is extremely dedicated and applies a maximum effort to everything he does. I am sure that Josh would be very humbled by this record and would credit his team mates for providing the opportunities to score. He is fine representative of a true Scots boy who strives for excellence and we hope his goal scoring ability continues for the remaining three fixtures of the 2018 season.

Josh Bousie (pictured above)