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A huge thanks to everyone involved in making Fridays 125 Years Gala Sports Luncheon such a huge success.  Over the past two years our sport department has been working hard on bringing together our structures and policies so that we are all working as one Sports team.  It was amazing to be a room of 700 people with every sport in the College represented, celebrating the past, present success and hearing visions of the future of The Scots College.

The money raised from this event will pooled into the reconstruction of the Oval building into a student centre.  This is an incredibly project and one that will benefit sport in a big way. I urge everyone in our sports community to get fully behind the 125 campaign to make this vision a reality.

On Saturday we had an outstanding we had a big fixture away against Newington College.  Again, I would like to highlight the culture shift that is currently underway in our Football program.  Last year, against Newington, our football program struggled across all grades. On Saturday, we saw a tremendous improvement from previous years with a number of outstanding wins in the Junior years, capped by a win for our 16A’s and our 1st XI lead Newington to the 90th minute where unfortunately, they equalised, to produce a draw.  Well done!

I would also like to note a solid performance in the Den for our Volleyball program playing against perennial favourites, SBHS. Our Opens boys put up a solid fight taking them to the wire in each set and our 16s beat them for the first in the School’s history.  I have no doubt that we will take on anyone in GPS and CAS competition this season.

Some outstanding performance were seen again across our Rugby program, capped by some big wins for the 1st XV and 16As finishing off a great weekend for Scots Sport.

For the past year we have been working on developing goal-setting and data-analysis software for our Mind Body Heart program.  The software is a bespoke platform designed for Scots, using Artificial Intelligence to direct boys on what sessions they need to attend to improve on their weaknesses and further develop their strengths.  This software will give every tutor in the College the information required to guide our boys in what they should be doing to individually improve their fitness levels as they work towards their goals. I am excited to be working this week with Macintyre house, who will be the first group of boys to trial the new system before we roll it out to the rest of the College.  Our initial findings as we have been working this area show that those boys who are most focused on their training are also performing well in both their academics and effort results. Purposely we have scaled our fitness testing to our academic results so that we can start to draw correlations holistically between all areas of the College.

This Saturday we have a big fixture on the Main Oval against Waverley College.  Our Footballers take on Grammar and our Volleyball teams play Cranbrook. Our Cross Country team hosts what is always a highlight competition on the GPS calendar.

Good luck to all of our boys on Saturday.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

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From Mr Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Last weekend we had some wet conditions but the good news was that no games were cancelled. Football and Rugby taking on Newington.

Really well done to the 1sts XI Football team who lead with one minute to go 2-1 against a very good Newington side. Unfortunately Newington scored on the bell and forced the 2-2 draw. The best two teams on the weekend were the 16As and 13As who both had 1-0 victories.

In Rugby, the 1sts XV turned the tables and put the physicality back onto Newington. The scrum destroyed Newington and the score reflected this with a 54-0 scoreline. Well done the the Opens program who had a clean sweep against Newington and Cranbrook. The 16As were the next best side with a comprehensive win 26-5.

Volleyball played Sydney Boys and the Opens had friendly games. Well done to the 14As who had a good victory and are currently undefeated.

Cross Country are coming back in the GPS competition. They lost to Grammar by 10 points which was a bit of a set back. They are currently down by some 50 points, but indications are positive and they can peg back the difference.

Sailing was called off due to strong winds. Shooting had practice out at Malabar.

This weekend we play Waverley in Rugby, Sydney Grammar in Football and Cranbrook in Volleyball.

From Mr Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

The Mind Body Heart team are very excited to launch our new bespoke software that will revolutionise the way that athletes are prepared for competition. The platform will allow for real time tracking of progress and attendance and will be a one stop shop for registering for sessions. It is underpinned by a sophisticated artificial intelligence software that optimises sequence and scheduling of sessions designed to account for the athlete’s profile and chosen sport. This platform is being piloted with the year 7 Macintyre students initially with an aim to roll out to all students by the end of the year. It is an exciting time to be at Scots and the opportunities available to students are second to none.

Just a reminder to all athletes to ensure that you have registered for your sessions using the MBH app and please arrive to sessions on time. Recently there have been a number of students arriving late to sessions. This creates safety concerns as missing warm up drills can lead to injury. I look forward to seeing athletes undergoing final physical preparations as we move into the official GPS competitive season.

Senior Sports News

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Prep News

From Mr Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

Last week I published in the Clansman the aims of Junior School Sport, with the first listed aim being ‘Enjoyment for children and sportsmanship to be emphasised at all times’. Research shows that a sense of social belonging that comes from being in a team and the enjoyment gained allows students to rise above the concerns of the moment and is linked to long-term student motivation and school success. The type of feedback and praise students receive from parents and coaches impacts our athletes motivation. I have observed that often feedback about sport is performance based. It is focused on the outcome and contains minimal process related information. For example, coaches saying at half time we need to score more goals as opposed asking athletes what they need to do to score more goals. Or parents asking about results rather than how they played, what they learned, what they enjoyed, did you do your best?  Likewise, the most common praise is for high performance rather than for learning or effort. This is common from parents and schools who use it as a tool for motivation. Unfortunately, research tells us that this type of feedback and praise is rarely converted into more engagement, commitment to the learning goals, enhanced self-efficacy, or understanding about the task. Literature suggests this well-intentioned approach could have undesired impacts. In contrast when feedback is more learning than performance oriented, this can increase the adoption of a mastery approach to goals and promote an entity orientation that can motivate our boys to work hard to achieve their potential. I have asked all boys to refrain from talking about the score and to focus on the process and I encourage parents to start this dialogue with their boys. I would be interested to hear from parents about how this goes.

This week in Rd3 Fixtures we play Waverley and Cranbrook in Rugby and Barker and Waverley in the Football.

Mr James Bruce, Prep Tennis Coordinator

Across the duration of last week, Finley Dyer our Prep Tennis Captain was part of the NSWCIS team at the PSSA Carnival in Albury. After a very tough week of Tennis it’s great to be able to report that not only did the NSWCIS team win the NSWPSSA Championships but also that Finley was selected in the NSW team to compete at the National Championships in Adelaide in October. A great achievement and a testament to the hours of practice Finley puts in working on his game, well done Finley!

Mr Greg Clarence, Prep Football Coordinator

Well done to all footballers for their efforts in Round 2. There were a number of highlights across all levels with improved teamwork demonstrated as teams begin to gel. I would like to congratulate the boys for their continued commitment towards self improvement at practice sessions. It isn’t necessarily reflected on the scoreboard each Saturday but small steps each week on process goals ensure long term development of our footballers. This, combined with increased numbers at Additional Skill sessions each week, is a promising sign for the entire Football program at Scots. All the best to our footballers this weekend.

Mr Andrew Goldrick, Prep Athletics Coordinator

The Athletics season is now under way with Mr Thomas and Mr Crimmins coaching every Monday and Wednesday morning on the Main Oval from 7:15am to 8:00am. Students will be escorted to their respective campuses by 8:25am. I am encouraging all students in Years 2 - 6 to attend these morning sessions. Week 5 we will be holding our Athletics trials in preparation for our House Athletics Carnival. These trials will be held in school time and will replace PDHPE for that week. The House Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 9 August at SOPAC.  

Story of the Week - 125 Years Gala Sports Luncheon

On Friday 29 June over 610 members of the College sporting, parent and alumni community attended the 125 Years Gala Sports Luncheon to celebrate the past, present and future of Scots Sport.

Guests enjoyed lavish hospitality in The Ballroom at the Australian Turf Club, which was aptly themed with sport decor and memorabilia. Entertainment featured guest master of ceremonies Amanda Keller, and guest entertainers Steven Bradbury and Vince Sorrenti.  Presentations included a 125 Years of Sport video presentation featuring some of Scots' sporting heroes and a live and online auction raised over $150,000 for the Reinventing Education campaign, presented by the Principal, Dr Ian Lambert.

As the first major collaborative luncheon ever held and with sixteen sports across the College represented, this event was a resounding success, a memorable occasion and a fitting tribute to Scots Sport.

Nancy Inglis

Development Campaign Coordinator