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The Oxford dictionary defines character as "the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual." It seems quite a simple definition for a term that we use often when talking about athletes. The Principal, in this week’s assembly, spoke about Plato’s most influential work, The Republic, where Plato discusses the concept of the just man vs the unjust man, proposing that the individual and society, in general, are better off when composed of just men. What Plato was referring to as ‘just man’ in The Republic, were the attributes that we now define as a man’s character.

Over the Summer Sports season, we have seen a number of great stories of character unfold. Sport, in a boy’s life, is a great opportunity to develop his character and show the results of a strong work ethic and commitment to contributing to a team. It was a great honour for me in this week’s assembly to have the opportunity to witness our 2nds Tennis team presenting our first ever premiership shield in Tennis to the Principal. The boys on this team have worked incredibly hard over a number of years and displayed a tremendous amount of character in breaking through this barrier. Well done!

I would like to congratulate all of our College Rowers on a tremendous effort at this year’s Head of the River. The program, as a whole, has improved tremendously from previous seasons, with a significant number of podium finishes, and with a number of crew recording huge personal bests on the day to get there. With a large number of rowers returning to the program next season, we look forward to continued success.

Good luck to our swimmers who will compete this Friday at the AAGPS Swimming championships. We look forward to a large number of boys being there to support.

My favourite coach of all times, John Wooden, said “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”  

This week all of our Years 7 to 10 students have gone through the first round of Mind Body Heart Pathway testing for 2018. There are very few places better suited to build character in boys than a weight room and a running track. This data is used to give boys direction on what they need to work on in these areas. A reminder that the Mind Body Heart Pathway program is open to all athletes regardless of age or level of play, with the goal of every Scots boy working on his character development through fitness in the gym and on the track.  

I imagine that, with this focus, that if Plato was correct that we will have a whole College full of ‘just men’ who will go on to succeed in sport and in life.

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Well done to all the rowers who participated in  the Head of The River last weekend. It was one of the best performances we have had at Penrith, with five podium finishes.

  • The 1st Junior VIII with a great row to come in third.
  • The 4th IV finishing strongly with a third also.
  • The 3rd IV came in second with one of the best rows of the day.
  • The 2nd IV following this with a very close second behind St Joseph’s College.

Possibly, the best row of the day came from the 2nd VIII. With Joe Brial (Year 11) asking for more in the stroke seat the boys came back from two boat lengths to be finishing over the top of Shore, but ran out of metres, just coming second. This was a great row by the 1sts VIII, with Scots finishing just behind St Joseph’s in fourth place.

Overall a great Head of the River and well done to all coaches and boys.

This weekend sees the start of Winter Sports trials.

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

Mind Body Heart Pathway, What is it? Elevator Pitch

I often have parents ask me “what is the MBH Pathway?” or “how can my son become involved in the MBH Program?”

The MBH Pathway put simply, is designed to engineer bigger, faster, stronger, and more injury resistant athletes. The MBH Pathway team designs and facilitates developmentally appropriate training sessions and programs that are evidence-based and utilise state of the art equipment and facilities. We believe that building a foundation of strength is paramount to building other skill-related fitness components, like - speed, power and agility. We take a long-term athletic development focus rather than a Sports specific focus, as this approach will ultimately yield the best results.

By building athletic traits sequentially and in some cases concurrently, we will give the athlete the best advantage in their chosen Sports.

We test the athletes periodically (four times per year) on these athletic traits, and, provide guidance and feedback to allow strategic decision making and action. This allows the athlete to engage in the appropriate training sessions and invest their time effectively. This is underpinned by a ‘minimum effective dose’ philosophy, whereby exercise is viewed as a stimulus that promotes adaptation.

However, too much or too little stimulus without adequate rest and nutrition will lead to poor adaptation and in severe cases, reversibility of the training effect. We know your boys are time poor, and we want to provide the precise dose of exercise and stimulus to achieve optimal performance.

The MBH Pathway is free of charge and easily accessible to all boys in the Senior School. The only action that a boy needs to take is to download our MBH App and register for the session that he would like to attend. He will then be guided, educated, encouraged and challenged by our passionate team. By committing to the process, setting goals and immersing in physical challenges, boys will forge a character of substance, self-belief and mental toughness.

Start your journey today - come and get ‘The STRONG advantage!’

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Prep News

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

Last Saturday was the final round of summer sport for Term 1. This concludes Summers Sport additional morning skills. However, SEA Summers Sports will continue until Week 10. This week will be the House Cross Country, and in the following week, we have the IPSHA Cross Country Carnival. We also commence Winter Sports trials in Week 9.

This week, we also have boys representing IPSHA at the NSWCIS Swimming.

Congratulations to Toby Pallet (Year 5) and George Verco (Year 6) who made the NSWCIS AFL Team, and William Poulos (Year 6) and Thomas Argyrides (Year 6) who made the IPSHA Football team to compete at CIS Championships later this term.

Stories of the Week - Water Polo NSW All Schools team and Scots Sailing Regatta and Water Polo NSW All Schools Team - Thomas Bedingfield (Year 11) and Hugh O'Neill (Year 11)

Congratulations Thomas Bedingfield and Hugh O'Neill in making the NSW All Schools team, both Scots 1st players put on an impressive performance at the trials. These boys will attend the Australian All Schools Trials in May. We wish them the best. 


Caption: Thomas Bedingfield during the match

Scots Sailing Regatta

On Saturday March 10, Scots hosted its annual Regatta. This event serves as the penultimate regatta in the lead up to the NSW State Teams Racing Championships.

The race committee made up of Scots parent volunteers including, Mr David McCracken, Mr Adam Leeming, Mr Ben Stoner, Mr Muir Watson, Mr David Tapper, Ms Karen Perry, Mr Andrew Jones and Mrs Vianney McCracken did a fantastic job of managing the oscillating ESE sea breeze and running through an impressive 88 races to complete the regatta. The Scots Sailing staff would like to thank these parents for all their support.

Continuing on from their impressive form last year, Scots 1st VI team won the Division 1 pool and overall event without losing a single race. The Scots 2nd VI finished third in the Division 1 pool and were unlucky not to edge ahead of close rivals, Cranbrook. In The Division 2 pool, Scots 3rd VI put on an impressive display of strategic and tactical awareness to beat an inform St Aloysius 1st team. The depth of talent at Scots Sailing is steadily growing and events such as this only serve to deepen the talent pool.

With the NSW State Championships only weeks away, Scots looks to take this momentum and continue to refine and develop the approach of all teams. We wish the 1st and 2nd teams the best of luck at the upcoming Sailing Association State Championships as they enter their final tune up before the NSW Teams Racing Championships to be held in the first week of Term 2.