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Everyone loves an underdog story. One of my favourites is the book, The Boys in the Boat.  An amazing story about the quest for the 1936 Olympic Gold medal by the Men’s VIII from the University of Washing representing the United States.  

It is a great David and Goliath story of overcoming adversity and committing to hard work to take on the superpowers in Rowing of that era.  The underlying theme to the story is the importance of committing to a team, putting individual glory aside for the greater good of everyone in the boat. One of my favourite lines from the book is: “The challenges they had faced together had taught them humility — the need to subsume their individual egos for the sake of the boat as a whole—and humility was the common gateway through which they were able now to come together and begin to do what they had not been able to do before.” This week our boys are in their final preparation for The Head of the River. The boys have worked hard in the final lead up to this championship. I’m sure, that in their final preparation they will come together as a team to take on the rest of the AAGPS. A huge thank you to our Director of Rowing, Mr Bob Shirlaw, all of our Rowing coaches, parents and support groups for all that you have done to ensure that the boys are fit and ready to go this Saturday. We look forward to a great day.

This past Saturday marked the end of the Summer Sport season for our team sports. This week, our boys have transitioned into their Winter Sports and have begun preparing for what will, again, be another outstanding winter season. I would like to thank all of our directors, coordinators and coaching staff for all of their effort throughout the Summer Season. I would like to congratulate our Water Polo program who had an exceptional season finishing with AAGPS premierships and Combine AAGPS/CAS Championships in both the 1sts and 2nds competition. A special mention to the coaches and boys of our 2nds Tennis team who have won the first-ever AAGPS Tennis premiership at Scots in what was a remarkable season. 

Good luck to our Rowers this Saturday. We look forward to seeing you all at SIRC cheering on our boys.

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

This week will be the last weekend of Summer Sport. We will are looking forward to a few premierships to finish up the season.

Well done to our Water Polo team who ended up winning the 1sts and 2nds premierships. What a great achievement to win both for the first time in Scots History.

Also, well done to the 2nds Tennis who also won the premiership for the first time in the College’s history. The 2nds finishing well out on top with a 9-3 victory vs St Ignatius’ College Riverview and winning the competition by a staggering 18 points.

Good luck to all rowers as they compete out at Penrith this weekend for the Head of the River. All the hard work culminates in this race over 2000 metres.

Well done to Shooting for another successful tour of Tasmania. Well done to Archie Horton (Year 12) who won the U25 State Championship.

There were some mixed results in Cricket, with the 1sts going down to game champions, Riverview, and the 2nds having a close victory.

Basketball had great results again in the 14's with 6 out of 7 victories.

After the Head of the River this weekend, the Winter Sports season will commence for all boys.

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

Mind Body Heart Pathway, What is it? Elevator Pitch

I often have parents ask me “what is the MBH Pathway?” or “how can my son become involved in the MBH Program?”

The MBH Pathway put simply, is designed to engineer BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER more injury resistant athletes. The MBH Pathway team designs and facilitates developmentally appropriate training sessions and programs that are evidence-based and utilise state of the art equipment and facilities. We believe that building a foundation of strength is paramount to building other skill-related fitness components, like - speed, power and agility. We take a long-term athletic development focus rather than a Sports specific focus, as this approach will ultimately yield the best results.

By building athletic traits sequentially and in some cases concurrently we will give the athlete the best advantage in their chosen sports.

We test the athletes periodically (four times per year) on these athletic traits, and, provide guidance and feedback to allow strategic decision making and action. This allows the athlete to engage in the appropriate training sessions and invest their time effectively. This is underpinned by a ‘minimum effective dose’ philosophy, whereby exercise is viewed as a stimulus that promotes adaptation.

However, too much or too little stimulus, without adequate rest and nutrition, will lead to poor adaptation and in severe cases reversibility of the training effect. We know your boys are time poor, and we want to provide the precise dose of exercise and stimulus to achieve optimal performance.

The MBH Pathway is free of charge and easily accessible to all boys in the Senior School. The only action that a boy needs to take is to download our MBH App and register for the session that he would like to attend. He will then be guided, educated, encouraged and challenged by our passionate team. By committing to the process, setting goals and immersing in a physical challenge, boys will forge a character of substance, self-belief and mental toughness.

Start your journey today - come and get ‘The STRONG advantage!’

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Prep News

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

This Saturday will be the final round of Summer Sport with Prep teams looking forward to home games on the Main Oval, Kirkland Oval, McIntyre Courts, Lions Den and Pool while the Senior School are away at Head of the River. Next week, will be the House Cross Country Carnival at Queens Park and the start of Winter Sports trials. We also have a number of swimmers and relay teams competing at NSWCIS Swimming Championships. Good luck to all. 

Stories of the Week - 2nds Tennis First ever Premiership and 1st and 2nds Water Polo

2nds Tennis - First ever Premiership

What a fantastic finale to a fantastic season.

The Team of 2018 has done something never done before at the College. In the 46 years that the AAGPS have been conducting the Tennis competition, Scots has never won a premiership. That all changed last Saturday.

The 2nds won the first premiership in convincing style, with almost 20 points ahead of their nearest rival. When combining the 1st’s and 2nd’s scores, Scots Tennis was the clear leader, ahead of Newington College’s and Sydney Boys' High School’s combined scores.

The 2nds came up against Riverview at the Scots Macintyre Courts for their last round of the season, and it was a testing day.

Riverview is typically a tricky team to play against, and on Saturday, it was much the same. One of the biggest assets to the 2nd’s absolute dominance of the season has been their intensity, and again, it was what got them leading 2-1 after the doubles, with some hard fought matches.

Coming off a strong doubles win, Lachlan Alcott (Year 12) went on to play his singles, where he started slowly to lose the first set 6-4. Starting to build more intensity and shift his focus back to the patterns we have worked on, Lachlan came through to convincingly win the 2nd set 6-2.

At a set all, Lachlan came off the court for the standard 10-minute break, where he was feeling good about his position. Getting back on the court, things started slowly, starting with confusion in the score, Lachlan found himself down 5-2. Through determination and knowing that this was his last ever match for the school, Lachlan fought hard and played his way back to win 7-5 in the final set. A great way to lead the team on the day.

Two matches were incomplete on the day, with Jeremy Zhang (Year 8) and Charlie Thompson (Year 11) running out of time. Charlie started strongly to win his first set 7-5, before the match became 1 set all. Chatting with him at this point, he returned back to court looking to start implementing his basic Scots tactics. Hitting more aggressively, Charlie was up 2-1 when the day was called off. Given how it was tracking, it was have been great to see him finish, it was looking like he was heading for a win. The same goes for Jeremy when at 6-0, 4-6, Jeremy went back on the court to get back to his winning plays and be leading 3-2 when he ran out of time while also tracking for a win. 

Jack Smoker (Year 10) also had a 3 set match, where he fought hard in a really tough match to get the 2nd set, and make it 1 set all, 5-7, 6-3. Going back on for the final set, Jack continued to work hard, narrowly going down 6-4 in the final set. A great effort there, showing all the qualities we look for in the Scots College tennis program.

Jayden Soedirdja (Year 11) and Tom Buchanan (Year 10) were very convincing in their matches, winning 6-1, 6-0 and 6-0, 6-0, respectively. Both boys brought so much intensity and implemented the tactics we’d talked about, leaving their opponent not much of a chance to get into the match.

Thank you to coaches Ryan (Brims), Carmel and Joey who assisted at all the 1st and 2nd training sessions throughout the season. They are a fantastic team of coaches to work with. I can't think of a better team to achieve this milestone with. 

Thank you to all the parents for your ongoing support of our vision, the delicious afternoon teas and for the ongoing weekly support at each fixture.

It’s been an outstanding season, one like never before at Scots!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the first ever Tennis Premiership for the school, a true testament to the team culture that we have built over the season. Well done!

Andrew Sun (1sts Coach)


1st and 2nds Waterpolo Premiership

Scots 1st secured the AAGPS Water Polo premiership for the third year. They also won the Combined CAS/GPS premiership for 2018. Great success in 2nd Grade also winning the AAGPS Water Polo premiership for the first time since Water Polo has been an official AAGPS Sport. Together with winning the TWC, this tops off one of the most successful Water Polo seasons since Water Polo was introduced in 1988.

Congratulations to coaches and players, great to see all your hard work pay off.