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Norway, a country with a population of just 5 million people broke the record for the most medals by a single nation ever - easily winning the medal tally at the recent Winter Olympics.  

To put this in perspective, the country has only 6 percent the population size of second place Germany, 13 percent of third place Canada and just 1.5 percent that of fourth place United States.

It would be easy to justify their dominance by accounting it to things such as cold climate, good snow, terrain or a strong culture of Winter Sports – but, I’m pretty sure those are things that both Canada and the United States can claim as well.

I was forwarded this article in Time Magazine. I can remember reading, once, that the Prime Minister of Norway drove a 1992 Volvo because he didn’t want to stand out from the masses, and that the country regularly strikes if the government tries to implement a drop in taxes. So, it was with no surprise, that their approach to Sport and more importantly the culture of youth is outside the box and dramatically different to those countries with bigger populations that they managed to beat in the medal tally.

A few things that stood out for me:

  1. In Norway, organized youth Sports teams cannot keep score until they are 13. 

  2. Trainers and coaches are not allowed to tell athletes how much they weigh.

  3. Norway enforces a ‘No Jerks’ policy, only allowing athletes who display the correct character on the team.

As an athletics coach, I think of how polar opposite this philosophy is to how we operate here in Australia, where we are ranking athletes and sending them to compete at national championships before the age of ten.

For those of us involved in high school Sport, we know all too well the issues that our athletes face with burn out. All of us have countless stories of promising young athletes who struggle to find motivation in their final years of school.

I’m by no means suggesting radical changes to Australian Sport and don’t necessarily believe that a Danish mentality would work in our culture but, it may make you think about the next conversation that you have about sport with your son. Are they focused on results? Rankings? Winning?  

I leave you with a quote from Tore Ovrebo, Norway’s chef de mission.

“We want to leave the kids alone. We want them to play. We want them to develop, and be focused on social skills. They learn a lot from sports. They learn a lot from playing. They learn a lot from not being anxious. They learn a lot from not being counted. They learn a lot from not being judged. And they feel better. And they tend to stay on for longer.”

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

The Summer Sports season is moving along, and with only a few weekends to go, we are looking good for the GPS premierships in both Water Polo and Tennis.

Tennis had a great day against Sydney Boys High, with the 2nds looking to win their second premiership ever, since 1974. They beat Sydney Boys with a convincing 11-1 victory.

Well done to the 16's and 13's age groups as well with wins all the way through.

Cricket saw a lot of two-day games against Sydney Boys High. The 1sts and 2nds are in great positions as they head into the final day. With the 1sts making 184 and then having High 9/83, and the 2nds bowling High out for 123 and then being 3/151 in reply.

Some Cricket highlights across the other games:

  • 1sts S. Sinnetamby 61

  • 2nds S. Gale 54*

  • 16A H. Whiting100*

  • 15A S. Mitchelmore57*

  • 14A  A.Taylor 72

  • 14A J. Kotis 53

  • 14B L. Prentice hat trick

  • 14B W. Fowler 90

  • 14B H.Norton 60

Basketball had some mixed results against Sydney Boys High, with the 1sts and 2nds both going down in close games. The real highlights are coming from our 13's and 14's age group with all teams in those age groups having good wins. The 13E team was the team of the round, with an impressive 68-4 victory.

Water Polo had a bye in the 1sts but the 2nds took on Aloysius and had a solid win 8-2.  A great result across the age groups with all wins and one draw. Well done to the 13A team winning 20-2 against St Joseph’s.

This weekend in Rowing sees the Gold Cup with crews looking for that last bit of form before the Head of The River. Last weekend, the pick of the crews were the 2nd VIII, winning the Mens Open VIII.

It was a good day on the harbour for Sailing, with our crews competing in Fleet and Teams Racing. Toby Rose (Year 11) is improving every week and is getting good results. The 2nds and 3rds were down in Canberra for ACT state Championships. The 2nds received third place and the 3rds received seventh.

Summer Volleyball took on Cranbrook in the Lion's Den and went down unfortunately in two very close games, with the 1sts game going on well into extra time.

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway and Head of PDHPE

“The better you become. The better you attract. The harder you work. The luckier you get!”

I am sure you have heard these types of sayings many times before. The Mind Body Heart Pathway promotes this way of thinking. Unshakeable belief coupled with massive action will trump all and ultimately yield success.

We believe that by setting a goal that you are passionate about, and building an action blueprint to help you get there, we can create an important start toward the future you want. In the MBH Pathway, these are fundamental skills that need to be learnt, and it’s by the process of committing and executing the blueprint that boys start to see progress and attract progress!

Some may say that they become luckier and have better opportunities start to present themselves.

It is humbling to see on a daily basis, that so many students are making the most of their opportunities using the MBH platform. The new session formats offered this year have been a tremendous success.

If you haven’t already started your journey download the MBH app and get started! As always come and get ‘the STRONG advantage’!

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From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

The Swim Team started the representative season with the Scots Invitational last Friday. Our Team performed extremely well. This was highlighted by the strength of our relay teams with three gold and one silver from the four relays. Well done, Lucas Mitchelmore (Year 6), our Captain of Swimming, on a great speech followed up with some great swims. This week, we host the South Harbour Swimming Carnival.

Across the Sports, our Prep teams continue to excel. In round 3 games we won 44 games of 48. This week in fixtures, we play Sydney Grammar School and Cranbrook in Cricket - Knox Grammar School and Newington College in the Basketball - Newington College and Waverley College in Water Polo, and St Ignatius’ College Riverview, and The Kings School in the Tennis.

Max Soepono (Year 6) and Leo Jaques (Year 6) attended the CIS Basketball trials on Friday 23 February. Max and Leo were both selected in the CIS Basketball team to compete at the NSWPSSA Tournament. The tournament will be held in Tamworth at the beginning of Term 2, we hope Max and Leo enjoy training and competing as part of the CIS team.

Mr James Tracey

Preparatory Basketball Coordinator

Congratulations to Finley Dyer who has gained selection in the Primary Boys CIS Tennis side to compete at the NSWPSSA Championships. The PSSA Championships will be held in Albury at the beginning of Term 2, we wish Finley all the best in the lead up to the Championships.


Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Tennis Coordinator

Story of the Week - Scots GPS 2nd VIII crew

Saturday 24 February saw all Senior boats competing at the Sydney Rowing Club Regatta at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.

The standout performance goes to the GPS 2nd VIII who placed first in the final race of the day. The boys came out the blocks fast with a point to prove, leading the field by one second at the 500m marker. They kept the pace up and extended it to a two second lead by the finish line, beating the season favourites, Newington College, for the gold medal.

A huge performance in the last 2000m race before the Head of the River, this crew is certainly one to watch.