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Like many sports fans for the past, I’ve been glued to the T.V. watching the Olympics Games.  One of my favorite sports to watch is the Speed Skating.  It amazes me, how athletes who compete in a sport that obviously requires such physical demands but ultimately can come down to the chance of not getting knocked down, can stay so calm under pressure.

Each Saturday I have the opportunity to travel to a number of different venues across Sydney to watch our boys compete.  It’s obvious within an instant of arriving at a venue, whether or not a team is confident or rattled under pressure.  You can see it in the body language of the boys and it can be echoed in the conversations that I have with parents, boys and coaches as I’m often presented in the first few moments with lists of all the things that have gone wrong, could have been better prepared, conditions that have worked against us, etc...

I was introduced to Steven Bradbury when I first moved to Australia.  There is a quote of his that I love and think of often in sport.  He said: “I don’t think I’ll take the medal as the minute and a half of the race I actually won.  I’ll take it as the last decade of the hard slog I put in.”  Bradbury is often referred to by the Australian press as the “Accidental Champion.”  I find this description of him demeaning as it doesn’t account for what wasn’t accidental.  What I loved about Bradbury is that he did everything that he could possibly could to put himself in the best position of winning.   When Bradbury hit the ice, you could see in his demeanor that he wasn’t making excuses or worrying or even thinking about how good the competition was, whether they had better coaches, better facilities or any other factor that was out of his control.  Bradbury skated in the moment and he took control of what was his to control and didn’t worry about that which wasn’t.

As I watched our boys compete this past Saturday, I thought about the speed skaters and their demeanor.  How could they stay so calm in a sport based so much on chance?  The answer simple: they worry about the things that are in their control and not about the things that aren’t.  Parents, boys, coaches – whether your sport be Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Water Polo or Rowing, stay focused on those things that are in your control, let go of worrying about all those things that are not and you will put yourself in the best position to be successful.

I would like to highlight our 2nds Tennis team who had an outstanding win against Newington, placing them the lead in AAGPS competition.  They play at home this Saturday against Sydney Boys High.  It would be great to see the whole College support as our 2nds go after the Premiership in this very important match up.

Scots to the fore!

Mr Graham Pattison
Director of Sport

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Another good Saturday of sport last weekend.

Tennis are in a fantastic position to win a premiership in the 2nds. Scots have only won one premiership in Tennis and it was back in 1974 in the 2nds. The 2nds last weekend won 12-0 and are now on top of the premiership table. Well done also to the 13A and B and 14A and B teams who all had good wins.

Basketball had a tough weekend against a very good Newington team. The 1sts going down 105-75 and 2nds going down 59-46.

Really well done to the 13's age group who won every game against Newington. They have only lost 1 game as an age group in 2 weeks.

Cricket had mixed results last weekend. The 1sts going down to Joeys and the 2nds having a good win. Well done to Richard Lowry who took 6/15 and 3/34. The 14A's having another great win. Well done to Artie Taylor getting 129 and James Kotis taking 6/22. Also well done to Jack Armitage taking 5/36.

Volleyball had some tough results with all teams going down to St Aloysius.

Really well done to Waterpolo who continued towards premierships in 1sts and 2nds with good wins. The 13A's also having a massive 16-0 win against Waverley.

Rowing boats are looking good before the Head of River in a few weeks. Well done to the Junior VIII having an impressive row.

Shooters were out training at Malabar. Sailing having some good results on the weekend.

This weekend we are up against Sydney Boys High in most sports.

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway & Head of PDHPE

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. An easy road never led to a beautiful destination. An easy life never made a man of character.” (Unknown)

In order to grow you must be challenged, you must avoid being comfortable. Adaptation physically, occurs when the body has been challenged by a stimulus. The body then through adequate recovery processes (sleep, nutrients etc) will super compensate to deal with future stimulus. This leads to improvement and progress. The Mind Body Heart team understand the value of challenging athletes and applying stimulus to facilitate growth and development. There are a range of sessions on offer that target all the major fitness components that are a valuable currency in sports. I would encourage all students to get started on their journey and leverage off all the opportunities available to them in the MBH program. Take charge of your destiny and book into your next session using the MBH app!

As always come and get ‘the STRONG advantage’!

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Prep News

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

Highlights from Round 2 include the performance of our Year 3 basketball teams against Kings who showed the greatest improvement of any teams from round 1. This Friday we host our Scots Invitational Swimming Carnival. This is also the first carnival for our Swim Team. This week in Round 3 fixtures we play Kings, Waverley and Grammar in the Cricket; Redlands, Barker and Newington in the Basketball; Newington, Kings and Cranbrook in Tennis; and St Aloysius in Water Polo.

Round 2 games last Saturday were played against St Pius, St Aloysius and King’s. On February 15, three boys from the Prep 1sts attended the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Boys Basketball Trials at St Pius. Captain of Prep Basketball, Max Soepono, and Leo Jaques were both selected in the IPSHA team. These boys will attend the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) trials this Friday, 23 February. We wish Leo and Max all the best at these trials. Round 3 games will be played against Barker, St. Patrick’s, Redlands and Newington. I wish the boys good luck in representing the college this Saturday.

Mr James Tracey

Preparatory Basketball Coordinator

Excellent performances across the board for Prep Cricket in Round 2. A special mention to the First XI for a nail biting victory against Knox. After being 3/35 chasing 103 to win, Scots required 1 run off the last ball and Ben Davidson hit a 4 to secure the victory. Two direct hit run outs also kept the run chase manageable against a strong bowling attack. Well done to all players involved.

Mr Greg Clarence

Preparatory Cricket Coordinator

Round 2 proved to be a very successful round of Prep Tennis. Four of our five teams managed to secure comprehensive victories with our Year 3&4 team going down in a close match against a team full of boys from Year 6. One area that has been identified as an area for development and will shape our training sessions moving forward is anticipation and game awareness during and between points. I am confident that if we can develop in these areas the wins will keep coming!

Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Tennis Coordinator

Another good round of Water Polo last Saturday. The Year 3 boys are making great improvements as most of them transition into a new sport. They are working hard to learn the rules and components each time they are in the water. Our Year 4 boys are playing well matched internal games and are continuing to learn from each game. The Senior teams are working hard against their opponents Reddam, Knox, Waverley, St Aloysius and each other. Boys are noticing the importance of good swimming fitness and endurance and continue to work on these skills each session.

Ms Elisha Smith

Preparatory Water Polo Coordinator

Story of the Week - NSWCIS Boys Water Polo trials,  Monday 19 February

Hugh O'Neill, Hamish McDonald, James Underhill, Hugo Podgornik, Thomas Bedingfield represented GPS at the NSWCIS Trials on Monday 19 February. Jock Hanson represented the Barbarian side, which is made up of CAS & GPS players along with members of ISA & AAICES.

GPS were undefeated defeating CAS 7-3 in the game of the day. While all boys played a major part in the field, Scots boys had the scoreboard ticking over throughout the day. Thomas scored a total of 8 goals, Hamish 6, Hugh 5, Hugo 3 and James 1.

Congratulations to Hugh O'Neill and Thomas Bedingfield who were selected to represent NSWCIS at the NSW All Schools Trials in March.