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Not every boy is interested in sport, so why should they have to play it? For some parents who have a boy who isn’t showing interest in sport or who may not have played sport themselves, the question “why should school sport be compulsory?” may arise.

At Scots, Sport is compulsory for every boy with the expectation that they take part in one winter sport, one summer sport and College Athletics and Swimming if selected.  Boys are expected to make a long term commitment to their chosen sport by selecting their senior sport choice at the end of year 9 and then committing to that sport for the remainder of their time at the College.  This is an important part of the life of a Scots boy and something that we feel strongly should be a part of all boys’ lives.

Why do we feel so strongly about this? Here are 10 reasons why we believe school sport should be compulsory for all boys:

1. Sport exposes boys to strong role models

Boys are influenced by adults who are strong role models. Often times, for a boy, the person he looks up to most is his coach. The relationship between coach and athlete is an important one and if your son is involved with transformational coaches, the impact that they can have on him is substantial.

There is a reason I started with role models first. With strong models who understand the importance of teaching boys values through sport, the rest of this list takes care of itself.

2. Sport helps boys to learn, to win and lose with grace

Most boys enjoy competition of some sort; this may be through playing sport, playing games with their mates at recess and on the weekends, or even competing for a higher grade on a maths test. With strong role models leading sport, boys can be taught to win and lose with grace. The most important part of this is learning respect for the competition. Once boys are taught that it is impossible to be great without great competition then they have the ability to remain respectful of their opponents in both victory and defeat.

3. Sport builds self-esteem

It is often thought that being good at something builds self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong, being good certainly can give a boy a certain level of self-esteem, but I would argue that the most important aspect of building self-esteem in boys is teaching them that they are in control of their environment and that the results they obtain or the improvements they make are a direct result of their commitment and effort. Sport is a great vehicle to teach this. Often the results of training are measurable and for the first time a boy has the opportunity to see the relationship between the two.

4. Sport teaches boys how to work as part of a team

An important part of the journey from boy to man is teaching boys that others are as important as themselves. Through sport, a boy will need to make choices that potentially require self-sacrifice to benefit the team. These skills are important in all areas of a boy’s life and can help build the skills to work in a team that he will carry with him throughout his life.

5. Sport helps boys build long-lasting friendships

Striving for a common goal with teammates, boys will often build friendships that last a lifetime. It is not so unusual to find grown men who still regularly keep in contact with their high school teammates for this very reason.

6. Sport provides boys with the exercise they need to stay healthy

The Australian government recommends at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily for boys between the ages of 11 and 17. In Australia, it is estimated that greater than 50 percent of boys in this age group lead a sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercise daily. School sport provides an opportunity for boys to get the physical activity they require to stay mentally and physically fit.

7. Sport helps boys succeed academically

The effect of sport on academic performance is both physical and mental. Physically, when boys get the required amount of exercise, it has been proven that it increases their ability to concentrate in class – leading to better performance. Mentally, the self-esteem built through teaching a boy that he is in control of his environment can be carried to the classroom where he will see that the amount of effort he puts into his studies equates to better performance and result.

8. Sport teaches boys commitment

Rarely does success or improvement come without commitment. Not only will a boy see the direct result of his own commitment through sport, but a good coach will note the achievements, and more importantly, the improvements of other players and how they are directly linked to commitment. Once a boy has learned this, he can take it to other areas of his life.

9. Sport show boys the value of hard work

Commitment and hard work go hand-in-hand. Simply “showing up” is not enough to improve or to become successful. A commitment to working hard in every aspect of training both on and off the pitch will lead to the greatest improvements.

10. Sport develops healthy lifestyle habits for life

One of the toughest parts of being a high school coach as opposed to a club coach is that you work with a group of boys, and dedicate yourself to helping them transform, both physically and mentally, into fine young men through sport, and then at the end of year 12 they are gone.

As a high school coach it does make me very happy to see that boys continue to achieve in sport even after they leave Scots, but it makes me equally as happy to see an old boy jogging down the street, or coming back to the College asking for advice on how to build a weight training program.

Sport gives boys the opportunity for healthy competition and teaches them the training techniques and skills required to continue to exercise and play throughout their lives, which is why school sport should be compulsory for every boy.

A huge thank you to our Coordinator of swimming for organizing and running a successful House Swimming carnival this week. We welcome our sailing guests from The Hospital School in England as they stay with, and compete against our sailing team this week.  Good luck to Year 12 student Brett Wellington who will play alongside five Scots Old Boys this week as part of the Barbarians squad.

Good luck to our Cricket team this Saturday as they kick off their 2018 championship season.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.27.55 PM.png

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Last weekend we played St Joseph’s in basketball. The 1sts going down in a good game 80-97. The team of the week was the 2nds who had a great win 49-44. This team had a number of players out but still got home in a close game.

Well done to the Under 14's age group who for the second week won all games.

Tennis had some convincing wins vs St Joseph’s. Well done to the 1sts Tennis who won 6-0 vs St Joseph’s  in a stella performance.

Cricket has some good results in lower grades with the 14A's and 15A's having good wins. The 1sts and 2nds going down to Shore in the last trial game for the year.

Good results for the weekend;

Zack Hersov 66

Robbie MacLennan 4/32

Sam Gale 47*

Bailey Webster 5/16

Toby Gavin 40

Jake Kyriazis 60

Oliver White 53*

Henry Snyman 63

Waterpolo were undefeated vs Barker and Reddam and Volleyball won 1 game from 3 vs Knox

Shooting and Rowing had training at Malabar and Gladesville respectively.

This weekend cricket starts its GPS competition vs Sydney Grammar and Tennis and Basketball continue trials.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

The outstanding performance of our summer sport teams winning 89% of games on the weekend highlights our excellent development programs. It was great to see how far our teams have come from the start of the season and look forward to tracking their continual improvement. This week we play Trinity and Knox in Cricket; St Pius and Grammar Basketball; Knox and St Aloysius in Water Polo and Grammar and Riverview in Tennis.

PSSA Athletics Championships

The 2017 PSSA Athletics Championships were held on Wednesday and Thursday at SOPAC. The Scots College had a total of nine athletes representing CIS. We competed in the following events:

Individual Events:

George Verco - 11 Years 1500m - Finishing 18th

Toby Pallet – 10 Years 100m - Finishing 13th

Owen Douglas – 12/13 Years High Jump - Finishing 4th and 12/13 Years Long Jump - Finishing 12th


Junior Relay - Finishing 7th in the final. The members of the relay team included: Toby Pallett, Edward Johnstone, Edward West, Tate Sirianni.

Senior Relay - Finishing 8th in the final. The Members of the relay team included: Jay McKenzie, Oliver Rouse, Finnlay Bartlett, Owen Douglas

Our boys were competing against the top athletes across the entire state. It is a huge achievement to make it to this level and the entire athletics team should be extremely proud of their efforts this year. The College is extremely proud of your efforts.

Mr Andrew Goldrick

Preparatory Athletics Coordinator

Round 8 proved to be a very successful day out for the Prep Tennis program with our 4 teams all posting very strong wins against strong opposition. Special mention must go to the A-Team who won all matches and displayed a high quality of Tennis along the way. Along with fixtures against St Patrick's and Riverview this weekend will see the Battlers Cup be played on the College Courts, good luck to all involved.

Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Tennis Coordinator

The Year 3 boys played their first ever full game in the deep end. This is a great achievement for all the boys as they only started playing Water Polo this year. Great effort. The Senior B teams had an extremely good, competitive match with a 7-7 draw. The Senior A teams both had good wins over Reddam A.

Ms Elisha Smith

Preparatory Water Polo Coordinator

Games in basketball were played against Waverley College in the Senior Prep (Year 5 and 6) and against SCECGS Redlands and Trinity in the Junior Prep (Year 3 and 4). 9 out of the 12 Senior Prep teams had wins against Waverley College. The 12ths have improved their skills since the start of the season and had a close game this week. Our Prep 1sts came back from a 12-13 deficit to record a 50-23 win. The Year 4 teams who completed against SCECGS all had strong wins. We look forward to another enjoyable round of games in Round 9 this Saturday.

Mr James Tracey

Preparatory Basketball Coordinator

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway & Head of PDHPE

The next Performance Series workshop will be focused on the importance of developing flexibility and the application of various forms of stretching. This is an often neglected yet critical component in preventing injury and improving performance. Please ensure that you register using your MBH App and attend. The details are provided below:

Presenters: Representatives from the ‘Stretch Studio’ Fitness Franchise

When: 27th of October 2017 Week 3 Term 4- 3.30pm-4.45pm

Where: John Solomon Sports Club

What: Workshop format covering:

  • How to develop Flexibility

  • Benefits to recovery and performance

  • ‘Hands on’ stretching routines

Who: Available to all students years 7-12

Looking forward to you to seeing a big turnout of students at this edition of the Performance Series! Please book attendance using the MBH App.

Story of The Week - Scots 2nd XI Cricket against members of Australian Cricket Team

Last weekend the Scots 2nd XI had the opportunity to play against members of the Australian Cricket Team. Australian Cricket captain Steve Smith batted on Shore’s Main Oval while Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc, Doug Bollinger and Nathan Lyon all bowled at him. Members of the Scots 2nd XI fielded while Steve Smith batted. This was a great opportunity for these boys to experience the top cricketers in Australia close up. Well done to Alec Bathgate who had to keep to the Australian quicks and also Nathan Lyon. He also was heard to be saying "bowling Gary" a few times to Nathan.

Pictured: Will Harris, Nathan Lyon, Hugo Patterson, Henry Wilkinson-Gill, Mitchell Starc, Tony Lowensohn, Sam Gale, Steve Smith, Will Kirkpatrick, Harrison Conyngham, Harry Fairfax, Josh Hazlewood, Ben Ronson, Richard Lowry and Alec Bathgate

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport