The Backpage Term 3 Week 6

The Scots College is committed to planning for the future and aligning our practices to our strategic intent. As part of our vision to be the leading high school sports program in Australia, each season we complete a full review of our Sports Leadership structure.

In 2017, we successfully moved from the traditional coaching model of GPS Schools to create two new positions: Junior Development Coordinator and Senior Coordinator. These positions have given us the opportunity to provide greater leadership within the respective sports program, with a stronger focus on developing curriculum that allows for athlete development.

With the expansion of the College to the Brighton Preparatory Campus and a number of other projects on the horizon we are implementing new positions to support these needs. The creation of development roles will provide focus across multiple campuses in a number of key sports, allowing us the opportunity to grow these programs over the coming years.

As we commence the 2017/2018 summer season we will be initialising this new team structure in Rowing, Sailing, Basketball and Tennis.

Building on the success of an outstanding winter sports season, we our excited to provide our boys with an outstanding leadership team in sport and for the future development that this structure will provide.


Director of Rowing Development - Mr Robbie Williams

After leading The Scots College Rowing Program successfully for the past seven seasons, Mr Robbie Williams looks forward to pursuing his passions in the area of strategic development in education and sport and will be focusing on projects, developments and partnerships for The Scots College Rowing Program.

Robbie is a passionate and successful coach who has led our our First VIII to a number of podium finishes in his time with Scots Rowing. In 2014, as a result of his performances with the Scots crews, Robbie was selected to coach the Australian junior team.

Robbie looks forward to continuing his coaching, and will work with our newly appointed Director of Rowing.

Director of Rowing - Bob Shirlaw

The Scots College is excited to announce the appointment of Mr Bob Shirlaw as the Director of Rowing for the 2017/2018 rowing season.

Mr Shirlaw competed at the 1964 Olympics in the Men's Coxless Pairs and as part of the silver medal winning Men's VIII in 1968.

Bob is the most successful schoolboy coach in Australian history, recognised for developing and leading the rowing program at Shore for 30 years.

Bob has a strong passion for talent identification and 'coaching the coaches' and looks forward to working with the current team at Scots in developing a new era of Scots Rowing.

Junior Development Coordinator - Gill Campbell

Our junior rowers had an outstanding season during 2016/2017 under the guidance of Gill Campbell. Gill, who has vast experience in Rowing both as an Athlete and as the former director of the PLC Rowing program will continue to work with Bob Shirlaw and our Junior coaching team to further drive the culture of excellence in the shed.

Tennis Structure

Ryan Fowler – Director of Tennis Development

Ryan has done an outstanding job in improving the performance and the culture within the Tennis program. Ryan has a passion for developing strategy and will use the passion and enthusiasm that he has brought to the Tennis program to this new role. Ryan will be focusing for the next twelve months on developing relationships within the broader tennis community both domestically and internationally with the goal of providing further opportunity for the growth of Scots tennis players. He will be overseeing the expansion of the private lesson structure and the implementation of the program at the Brighton campus.

Andrew Sun – Coordinator of Tennis

Andrew moves from a core coaching position into the Coordinator of Tennis position for the next twelve months. Andrew will have the responsibility of leading the College Tennis program from T-12. Andrew brings to the position a vast experience in coaching and running tennis centers. We look forward to having Andrew in this leadership position and have confidence in him leading the College program over the next season.

Ryan Brims – Junior Development Coordinator (7-10) Tennis

Ryan also moves from a core coaching position into the Junior Development Coordinator position. A well-respected member of the sport department staff, Ryan will be leading the years 7-10 Tennis program.

Carmel Meachen – Prep Development Coordinator

Carmel brings a wealth of experience in coaching and developing programs for athletes in this age group. Carmel will join our core coaching team and will be focusing on the development of the prep tennis curriculum.


Beau Junk - Director of Sailing

Sailing has grown both in popularity and success in recent years at the College. Beau, an Old Boy of the College, brings his experience as a Sailor himself and as our current coach to this position. The Brighton campus is located adjacent to the George River Sailing club, where we will be implementing a prep sailing development program, racing series and exploring the potential of hosting New South Wales and National sailing championships.


Steven White - Director of Basketball

Steven, following his success in coaching our 1sts Basketball team during the 2016/2017 Steven moves into the position of Director of Basketball. Steven, who played basketball in the NCAA and is a long-standing member of our coaching team looks forward to continuing the strong tradition of excellence in Basketball at Scots.

We would like to thank David Todd for the outstanding work he has done in his time as Director of Basketball at the College. David looks forward to taking on new roles at the College while continuing to provide guidance to Steven as he transitions into this role.

Luke Cooper - Junior Development Coordinator Basketball

We look forward to having Luke working with Steven White this year as our Junior Development Coordinator of Basketball. Luke who is a long standing coach at the College is the Head Coach at Manly Warringah Basketball Association, currently coaching their U18 Division one men’s team. As a player, Luke played in the NCAA with the University of Alaska Anchorage and in the NBL with the Sydney King. Luke who still plays in the NSW Waratah league looks forward to bringing this experience to the junior program at Scots.

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.27.55 PM.png

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

As we transfer sports from Winter into Summer it's important to make sure all our sporting gear is up to date and we have the right clothing for your chosen sport.

It's always great to see so many Athletes training on the Main Oval. Athletics is such a strong core skill for so many sports. Boys who may not make the GPS team will benefit greatly from the extra work and top class coaching the athletics team can provide.

With the weather hopefully warming up the Scots Main will begin to grow more grass and the patches left from a torrid winter season will be no more. I'd like to thank Chris Edmunds for all his hard work as he prepares another wicket for our summer season ahead.

This weekend is our 2nd athletics carnival and good luck to all athletes trying to get times down and jump higher in their chosen event.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

This week we will be hosting boys from The Southport School as part of their Winter Sport Tour. This is a great opportunity for our boys to reciprocate the hospitality show when they recently hosted our Prep First Rugby and Football Teams on the Gold Coast. The fixtures will be played at Dave Phillips on Saturday and after TSS won the Rugby and Scots the Football in Queensland, it will be interesting to see if things change in Sydney. This week we begin our House AFL competition, which will run over the next two Wednesday’s of sports practice. We have many boys playing outside of school with five selected for NSWCIS and one in the NSWPSSA Team. It is great to see all boys bringing their respective skills from football and rugby into a modified form of AFL for some House spirit.

Winter House Sport Competition

Over the course of the past 2 Wednesday’s all boys in Years 3-6 have competed in the Winter Sport House Carnival. The Carnival involves all boys playing their chosen Winter Sport for their House in a Round Robin competition against the other 5 houses. After 5 rounds of very tough Competition the winners are of each Division and Sport are listed below:

Junior Football: Deane

Junior Rugby: Palmer

Senior Football: Edyvean

Senior Rugby: Edyvean

Mr James Bruce

Carnival Coordinator



Saturday 26 August - There will be no weekend training on Saturday 26 August. Final preparations for IPSHA training will take place on Monday 28 August during our regular training session.

Tuesday 29 August - IPSHA Carnival

Wednesday 13 September - CIS Carnival

Mr Andrew Goldrick

Preparatory Athletics Coordinator


2017 NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships

Congratulations to all of the TSC Prep Snowsports athletes who are representing The College this week at the 2017 NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships at Perisher.

2017 Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships TSC Teams

TSC Preparatory School teams for the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships will be selected by the MIC Snowsports based on the TSC Snowsports Teams Selection Criteria available on the Scots Snowsports website (Please note that the MIC reserves the right to make selections based on past performances and experience).

2017 Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships Dates: Mt Buller (Victoria)

Mon 4 September: Training

Tues 5 September: Training

Wed 6 September: Interschools: Cross-Country (Div 4 & 5)

Thurs 7 September: SkiCross (Div 6); Snowboard Cross (Div 4 & 5); Snowboard GS (Div 4 & 5)

Fri 8 September: Alpine GS (Div 6); Moguls (Div 5); SkiCross (Div 4)

Sat 9 September: Alpine GS (Div 5); Moguls (Div 4); SkiCross (Div 5)

Sun 10 September: Interschools: Alpine GS (Div 4)

Mr Clive Tanner

Preparatory Snowsports Coordinator

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway & Head of PDHPE

How does the Mind Body Heart Pathway help sporting performance?

The Mind Body Heart Pathway employs a long term athlete development model. We believe that if we can engineer bigger, faster, stronger more injury resistant athletes then we will see big dividends paid in sports competition. We aim to focus on developing both the skill and health related components of fitness for all participants in the pathway and believe that this will translate to improvements in skill acquisition and performance. We use a testing battery frequently throughout the year to both identify talent and track improvements in the major fitness components like strength, speed, power, flexibility and cardio respiratory endurance. This is reported to sport directors to assist with team selection as well as to the athletes themselves to help drive progress and improvement.

We recognise that each individual has a specific genetic potential and we want to see it realised! Each individual is born with a specific genetic coding that determines the dominant body type also known as somatotype as well as the percentage of inherited fast and slow twitch muscle fibres. This inheritance plays a critical role in determining which sport the athlete will have most success with and where attention should be focused. As an example an athlete that inherits a mesomorph body type with predominantly fast twitch fibres will generally gain muscle mass easily and be very strong and powerful, which would most certainly help with sprinting and contact sports. Conversely, an athlete born with an ectomorph body type and predominantly slow twitch fibres will be more suited to endurance based sports that require work capacity over an extended period like cross country running and rowing.

Each sport also requires an optimal athletic profile and by providing the data to athletes as well as the services and sessions that target specific fitness components we can influence the success the individual will have by manipulating his individual profile. The end goal is that we develop general athletic traits in all individuals that allow for successful sport performance and enjoyment as well as information that helps athletes make the best choice for them when it comes to sport.

Story of The Week -

Congratulations to Ziggy Tosic and Ted Ferguson on their recent success at the Australian School Sport Basketball Championships. Both students represented the NSW Schoolboys teams with Ziggy making the 1sts team and Ted being selected for the 2nds (Invitational) Team.

The tournament which was held in Canberra last week saw both boys continue their on court success helping their respective teams make the final. This set up a showdown between both NSW teams in the Championship game. An unexpected result by all accounts saw the Invitational team upset the 1sts team in the final due to an outstanding performance from our very own Ted Ferguson (23pts, 7/8 from 3pt).

This tournament concludes what has been an outstanding basketball season for both Ziggy and Ted who have represented The College at the highest level. We look forward to watching Ted Ferguson grow and develop into one of our senior leaders for the upcoming season and we would like to wish Ziggy all the best with his studies as he prepares for the final stages of his HSC.

Well done boys!


Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport