The Backpage Term 3 Week 4

A giant Saturday of sport with the Back to Scots weekend pulling in a huge crowd on the Main Oval.  

Our boys did not disappoint, with our 2nds Rugby team securing their second straight premiership and our 1sts Rugby holding on in a thrilling match to secure their fifth straight. Earlier in the day our Cross Country team raced at the AAGPS Cross Country Championships.  In this final race of the season our opens team showed their full form completing the season  as a AAGPS Premiers.  Our intermediate boys have been equally impressive, rallying in the final two races, in winning the AAGPS Championship.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in both the Rugby and Cross Country programs on such successful season.

It was great to see the grand opening of the Graeme Dedrick Scoreboard.  Thanks to the Old Boys Union, Rugby Support Group for their support with this project.  Thanks as well to our College events for organising the opening and to Graeme’s family who were present for this special moment in College history.  The Graeme Dedrick scoreboard brings to the College the best technology to be able to provide footage of game day action, videos and replay on the main oval and also provides us the opportunity to broadcast these events to boarding families and old boys who are not present at the games.  We look forward to using this scoreboard to provide an experience schoolboy sport has never seen.

With only one round of winter sport remaining our focus now shifts to the upcoming Athletics season and the start of preparation for the summer sport season.  A reminder to all boys and families that College policy is: that all boys compete in a winter and summer sport and athletics and swimming if selected.  We are currently in the process of reviewing summer sport transfer requests.  Scots Sport allows boys to transfer sports after completing their year 7 season and then again in year 9 before choosing their senior sport (10,11,12).  All selection policies, dates and information for your boy’s sport can be found on schoolbox.

Congratulations to our prep sport department and to our prep coordinator of Athletics, Andrew Goldrick for running an outstanding Athletics carnival at SOPAC on Thursday.

At the conclusion of a successful winter sport season it is important to reflect on the culture that has driven success in our sport program.  A large part of this is due to the work that is done behind the scenes in the Mind Body Heart program.  In the upcoming weeks all boys in the junior sports program (years 7-10) will receive their next set of MBH results.  A reminder that all MBH training sessions – including speed sessions on the main oval – are open to all boys in the senior school.  Our initial data is showing that boys who are making the biggest commitment to the MBH program are seeing the biggest improvements in their sport.

Good luck to all of our winter teams this weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.27.55 PM.png

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster.

What a fantastic day of Sport for Scots last Saturday.

The day started really well with the Cross Country team sealing the GPS championship. The team ended up winning by some 70 points. This is the 5th Cross Country title since 2009.

Later in the day two amazing games of rugby with Scots for the second year running winning both 1sts and 2nds Rugby premierships. Both games were very close and were played at a high skill level. The 2nds winning 29-20 and the 1sts after leading 24-0, winning a tight game 24-21.

Great to see such a big crowd as well with the Back To Scots day being such a success.

We also opened the Graeme Dedrick Scoreboard. A big thank you to the Dedrick family on such a special day. The scoreboard was unbelievable all day with commentary and vision. A big thank you to Justin McInnes and Jock Swan for all their hard work.

Football had some good results with the 1sts and 2nds both having wins against High. Also well done to the 16's and 13's age groups who had clean sweeps of High.

Volleyball had 5 wins from 8 fixtures which is a fantastic result. The 1sts continuing to improve with a 3-1 victory.

This weekend is the last weekend of sport with games vs Shore in Rugby and Football and Riverview at Volleyball.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

There is strong scientific evidence that an important determinant of youth sport outcomes lies in the relationship between coach and athlete. It’s extremely satisfying then when I hear praise for quality of our coaches and examples of how they are getting the best out of students. As I spoke to parents at final round fixtures on the weekend the overwhelming consensus as they reflect on the season was the rapport our coaches have with the boys how motivated they are to achieve.  This was reiterated in a conversation with an Old Boy and former Head Boy who has admired the positive culture within our program. I firmly believe this relates to the our mastery approach to coaching in which we promote a growth mindset. As is supported in the literature and as is abundantly clear from the sidelines is how this approach has resulted in the following: positive coach-athlete relations and greater mutual respect; increased enjoyment; greater team cohesion; increases athlete's’ self-esteem; and overall greater improvements in performance. I would like to thank not only the coaches but also the parents who have contributed to this positive culture at Scots.

This week we commence our House Winter Sport Competition. This is always a highlight of the year as boys compete in their Houses in the winter sport options. Congratulations to students selected in the Athletics Team and good luck as they start the representative athletics season with the South Harbour Invitational on Saturday at SOPAC.


Congratulations to all Prep Footballers and coaches for their efforts and continued commitment this season. It is always pleasing watching the final round of Football whilst thinking back to when the season began. The rapport between players/coaches and even within the teams has consistently grown each week. Seeing the support and encouragement for each other up until the final whistle has been most rewarding to witness in action. A particular mention to the 3C/D Football teams who played half a match against the parents to finish off the season. There were plenty of smiles on the boys faces (and ice on the parents hamstrings) as the boys secured a nail biting victory. Well done to all involved in Prep Football for 2017!

Mr Greg Clarence

Preparatory Football Coordinator


After the Season began back in March, a very successful Rugby Season has come to an end. Across the board in 2017 the development of each and every individual within the Prep Rugby program has been significant and this is evident in both the level of enjoyment shown by the boys and from the results on the field. Across the ten teams who play the traditional format of the game we had a winning percentage of 82% and when you add in our nine 7’s teams of which a majority of matches were against other schools A-Team’s we had a winning percentage of 72%. Not only do those percentages highlight the success of the program they highlight a great culture and a love of the great game of Rugby.

Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Rugby Coordinator


Training has commenced this week in preparation for the IPSHA Carnival and the two invitational events to be held of the August 12 and 19. A reminder that training is on Monday and Wednesday mornings 7:00am to 8:15am on the Main Oval. Training is compulsory for all boys involved with the prep athletics team. I can confirm Gary Toohey our new throws coach will be working with those boys who are keen on improving their shot put and discus. With only three weeks before the IPSHA carnival, I would encourage all of our athletes to get to training and make the most of our superb team of coaches.

Mr Andrew Goldrick

Preparatory Athletics Coordinator

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Pathway & Head of PDHPE.

You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else. Plan to outdo your past, not other people!

This is the premise of the Mind Body Heart Pathway. The MBH team provide the structure, support, education and data to allow for positive growth both physically and mentally. The ability to set a clear goal and create a blueprint to see it realised and then follow up with consistent action is a transferable skill set developed in this Pathway. All students regardless of ability can make significant benefits and progress by engaging with this pathway.

The first step is to download the MBH Pathway App and create a personal user profile. Students can then book into any of the sessions available each week. This should be a weekly success action whereby students set up their week ahead and make a plan to own the week. This will be a mandatory action as of week 5 term 3. This will allow the MBH team to effectively track and report on attendance of all students engaged in the pathway.

As always come and get the MBH ‘strong advantage’! Start today.

Story of The Week -

In addition to the usual elements of our Back to Scots programme, we dedicated the Graeme Dedrick Scoreboard to the former Sportsmaster; Mr Graeme Dedrick (’74). In the presence of his family, this technologically advanced and cutting edge symbol of Graeme’s lifelong contribution brought a new level of engagement to our fixtures. Sports broadcasting is a growing field and, like most of the traditional professions, it is increasingly being defined by an embrace of highly technical digital broadcasting equipment. In the same way that the study of carpentry requires a workshop — the learning of advanced broadcast design skills requires a modern day ‘canvas’. All those at Back to Scots, or watching the fixtures remotely, would have seen the professional execution of a television quality broadcast; this was led by a Scots Old Boy, Mr Jock Swan (‘14), and executed by current students studying film at Scots.

For far too long, geographical barriers have prevented many from being able to enjoy the electric atmosphere of sport at Scots. With the advent of so many new systems and services, increasing access to these events using digital systems was an area in which we could obviously support improvement. Our investment in the Graeme Dedrick Scoreboard brought with it the introduction of live broadcasting tools that can now be deployed to distribute high-definition video and audio to Old Boys across the world.

Jock Swan

GD scoreboard pic.jpg

Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport