The Backpage Term 3 Week 1

The vision of our College is to inspire boys to learn, lead and serve as they strive for excellence together. We strongly value leadership through teams in a spirit of service. We are fortunate as a community to have a strong group of servant leaders who are focused on providing the best opportunities for our boys. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work that the Sports team does throughout the holidays: running camps, tours and training sessions. As a result of the team’s dedication to the boys we have had quite possibly our most successful holidays. On behalf of the entire Scots community I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on our team for this outstanding dedication to excellence.


A huge thank you to Mr Gary Faulkner and his team for all of their work with the boys over the season. The team travelled to Perth over the holidays for the National Championship where our two teams finished first and second overall, marking a first National Sailing Championship for the College. Congratulations and well done.


Thanks to Andy Kovari, Clive Tanner and their team for their work with our Snowsports teams over the holidays. Both our prep and senior teams won the Sydney Schools Championships and look ready to take on the rest of the state at the upcoming NSW Championships.


Thank you to Brian Smith and his team for all of their work over the holidays. A large number of boys were selected to representative sides with Darcy Breen gaining selection to the Australian Schoolboys team and Thomas Yassmin gaining selection to the Australian Barbarians team. 

Thanks as well to Ed White and his team who lead a very successful Gold Coast tour with both the 14’s and 16’s sides making the final.


Thank you to Ryan Fowler and his team who ran training throughout the holidays and travelled with the boys to various tournaments in preparation for the upcoming season.

Rifle Shooting

Thank you to Phil Cooney and his team who have been busy over the holidays preparing the boys for the AAGPS Championships this week. The team competed over the weekend at the NSW Championship finishing as the top GPS school in second place overall. Good luck to the boys this week. 


Thank you to Claudia Brin and her team for running Volleyball training throughout the holidays. Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in the College under Claudia’s guidance. It was great to see a number of younger boys committing to this sport throughout the holidays. 


Thank you to Steven White and his team for running training sessions throughout the holidays, preparing the boys for the upcoming season. Congratulations as well to Ethan Yetman who represented the College well competing at the National Championships as part of the NSW metropolitan team.


Thank you to Andrew Goldrick and his team for all of their work organising and running Football training throughout the holidays ensuring that the boys are well prepared for the second half of the season.

Athletics and Cross Country

Thank you to Matthew Williams, Jeremy Longworth and their teams for all of their efforts throughout the program running training sessions throughout. Our Open team are in a good position to win their fourth premiership in the last six years as a result of this continued dedication and commitment.

Prep Sport

Thank you to Brent Wilsmore and his team for organising training throughout the holidays. Good luck to the Football and Rugby teams who compete this weekend on the Gold Coast tour.

Mind Body Heart

Thank you to Dan Markham and his team who ran Mind Body Heart training sessions, keeping the gym open to all of our students throughout the holidays. When our boys run onto a pitch this term looking more fit than any other school it is a result of their dedication.

Staff Announcements

Sailing – Welcome to Beau Junk who begins this term as our new Director of Sailing. Beau, an Old Boy of the College is well respected in the sailing community for his work in coaching our boys across both the prep and senior schools. Beau will continue to work with our senior coordinator, Gary Faulkner and our Prep Coordinator, Nick Spencer in moving Sailing at the College to the next level.

Basketball – Steven White begins this term as our Director of Basketball. Steven White who coached our firsts team last team brings a wealth of experience both as a player and a coach to the program. We look forward to continued success in this program.

Waterpolo – Vedran Cirkovic will begin this term as our interim Director of Waterpolo while Yvette Higgins is on maternity leave. Vedran, who has just been appointed as the NSW Under 20 coach is well known to the Water polo community as our firsts coach in previous seasons.

Tennis – Two new tennis positions – Coordinator of Tennis and Prep Development Coordinator were advertised throughout the holidays. We have had a number of outstanding applicants and look forward to announcing these positions in coming weeks.

Rugby – A huge congratulations to our Sports Administrator and Rugby Senior Coordinator, Grace Hamilton who has gained selection to the Australian Rugby Team and will represent Australia at the upcoming World Cup in Ireland.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.27.55 PM.png

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Lots going on in Sport over the holiday break. I was fortunate enough to go to the Gold Coast with the U14's and 16's. A great tour. The boys played teams from all over Australia and NZ. Some excellent results from both teams.

The 14's winning both competitions in the 10 a side format and the 16's winning one and runners up in the other.

In the 15 a side competition the 16's were runners up after losing an epic final to Hamilton Boys from NZ and the 14's coming 3rd after some great games vs Rotorua.

This week we play Riverview in Rugby, St Joseph’s in Football and Cranbrook in Volleyball. Good luck to Cross Country as they compete in relays at Trinity. Also we wish our Shooters good luck as they compete in the GPS Competition at Hornsby.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

It was great to see so many boys attend the rugby and football clinics during the holidays. They are great opportunities to play with mates and improve performance and the improvement in these boys was evident. Likewise, as we head into the final three rounds of winter sport it is impressive to observe how far our boys have developed from round 1. This is not by chance and it is not simply because our boys are inherently talented. For the most part this improvement is due to practice. There is an old saying that ‘practice makes perfect’. However, practice alone is not sufficient. Research says that the type of practice is critical. This is because it's not just practice that makes perfect. It's practicing intelligently that improves performance. Specifically, it has been found that variable practice i.e. game like challenges that require decision making as opposed to rote practice or repetition of a simple skill makes the biggest improvement to performance. During the key post practice period when the brain processes and retains the lessons it has just learned — known by neuroscientists as the consolidation phase — mixing tasks and adding an element of thinking pays off.

We are very fortunate to have an exceptional coaching team with a focus on creating thinking sportsmen. We prefer to ask boys questions than to tell them the answers. We create situations at training that require problem solving rather than closed skills. Tedium is bad for the brain. In constant practice, people go into auto mode and are not required to think. In variable practice, your brain is more actively engaged and actively processing information, which allows it to hold information better. Our brain is like a muscle, and when it gets a good workout, it gets stronger. By investing in the philosophy of working smarter we are seeing our boys more engaged, motivated and subsequently we see that their performance is improving.

Good luck to our Prep First Rugby and Football Tour Squads as they travel to Queensland for the Annual Winter Sport Tour. Our teams are hosted by The Southport School with games against Southport, Iona, A B Paterson and All Saints.

In Round 8 Fixtures we play St Pius, St Aloysius and Grammar in Football; and St Patrick’s, Kings and Knox in Rugby.

Cross Country

NSWPSSA Cross Country

This Friday 22 July both Conrad Blackwell-Smith (Yr3) and George Verco (Yr5) will run as part the NSWCIS Team at the NSWPSSA Cross Country Carnival held at Eastern Creek. Both boys having been training incredibly hard over the past month since the NSWCIS Carnival and I have no doubt they will perform at their very best on Friday. Good Luck boys!

Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Cross Country Coordinator

From David Todd, Director of Athlete Development and Pathways

A number of students competed at various National Championships over the holiday period. It's always very pleasing to see such reward and acknowledgment for their commitment and preparation to date.

Sam Gaden played superb footy for the NSW/ACT U16 AFL team at the U16 National Championships. An All-Australian Squad will be selected later this year.

Ethan Yetman represented the NSW U16 Metro team at the National Championships in Perth.

Director of Tennis, Mr Fowler and his team of athletes had a huge winter break, with a number of students playing across a number of tournaments. A special mention to Jack Goddard, who qualified for the 2017 Rod Laver Tournament.

Congratulations to all the staff, coaches and students on their performances over the holiday break.

From Daniel Markham, Director of The Mind Body Heart Program

I would like to welcome all students back to Term 3. It has been very impressive to see how many students have taken the opportunity to continue with their MBH training throughout the holiday period. At the end of the day progress is made with with a clear vision and consistent action towards achievement of clearly defined goals. The MBH aims to help boys map a blueprint for success.

The term three MBH reports will be released early week 2 of this term and it is another opportunity to reflect on the data provided and set term goals and create an action plan to engage with the relevant MBH sessions. A new MBH app is now available for both Android and iphone. This App is a must for all students and is used to book into all MBH sessions. It will be an expectation that all students book into sessions prior to attending. This allows for attendance to be tracked and included in future reports. If you are having difficulty with downloading App, please let MBH team know.

Finally, The next instalment of the Performance series workshops will be on later this term. The focus of this workshop will be Performance Mindset. It will be aimed at helping students develop a mentally tough perspective and strategies to improve resilience. Details will be made available on schoolbox and and the MBH App.

Story of The Week -

2017 Australian Australian Sailing Champions


Congratulations to Gary Faulkner and our Sailing team - first time ever one school had provided both teams for the National final, a repeat of the NSW final and a great end to the season with our College finishing as National Champions in Sailing winning both the Gold and Silver medals

Scots 1

Scots 2

John Cooley

Alex Marinelli

Finn Tapper

Darcy McCracken

Cole Tapper

Hugo Stoner

Tyler Creevey

Lachlan Thompson

Hugo Leeming

Sam Steinberg

Finn Jones

James Watson

Toby Rose



Scots Sailing MIC – Mr Gary Faulkner

Head Coach –  Mr Beau Junk

Also, congratulations to Darcy Breen who has been selected in the Australian Schools Rugby Team after a great performance for NSW1 at the Australian Schoolboys rugby Union Championships over the holidays.

Congratulations also to Tom Yassmin who was selected for the Australian Barbarians Schools after another great performance.

Both teams are scheduled to play Fiji and New Zealand in early October and we wish Darcy and Tom all the best.

Good luck to all of our boys this weekend. After such a successful holiday, we look forward to a great term 3 of sport. Scots to the Fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport