The Backpage Term 2 Week 8

Next week we will be holding the second round of Mind Body Heart Pathway testing. At Scots we are dedicating to collecting and providing data that allows us to give boys feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with the information that they require to set training goals. This round of testing we will be adding academic effort grades to the reports, allowing us to relate attendance and improvement in athletic performance with effort in the classroom. 

It is a question that we are passionate about answering: Is there a direct link between commitment to training, resulting in improved athletic performance and academic results?

Very little of what philosopher Friedrick Nietzche has written I would agree with. But, one concept, ‘The Will To Power’, makes a lot of sense when it’s applied to sport and education. To put it plainly, Nietzche believed that all humans throughout history have been driven by the desire to either control others, their environment or themselves. He felt that greatest achievement for a human being was self-control. If this is the case then the lessons you can learn through sport: setting goals, developing a strategy and then committing to training are invaluable and will likely cross over to all areas of a boy’s life.

It was an honor to have the opportunity this week to introduce all of our Winter Sport championship teams in the same Assembly. We are fully committed to equally supporting all boys regardless of the Sport that they have chosen. The message was clear throughout the Assembly that a focus on setting goals, developing a strategy and then committing in teams to reaching those goals was recounted beautifully by all of our captains as they spoke of the requirements for success in their sports.

After a week rest we look forward to the first round of GPS Rugby, where we take on Joey’s away. This is also the Spectators Cup - match of the week; I would urge all of you to lend your support to or boys by cheering them on at this important fixture. Good luck to our Cross Country team who have 20 boys representing the GPS at this years NSWCIS championships on Thursday and to our Volleyball and Football teams who continue with GPS competition.

To all parents, if I could ask that you to take the time to discuss goals with your son. Challenge him to develop a strategy to reach them and then hold them accountable to committing to them.

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster 

Last weekend was the long weekend and students took time off from Sport.

On the Monday the Wallabies came into Scots to train. It was great to see former Scots student Sam Carter (‘07) in the Gym with the Australian team. Sam started the game against Fiji and is looking for more game time this weekend vs Scotland.

We wish Sam all the best for the International season ahead.

This weekend we play Rugby against St Joseph’s and Football against Riverview. Volleyball are playing Cranbrook and King’s. Good luck to the Cross Country team this weekend out at King’s, they are looking to increase their lead that they have over the rest of the GPS competition.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

In Round 7 fixtures this week we play Barker in the Football and Shore and King’s in the Rugby.

Good luck to our Cross Country runners competing at the CIS Championships at Eastern Creek.

From the Director of Athlete Development and Pathways

There is no doubt that the NBA Finals is one of the most spectated sporting events in the world. The Golden State Warriors from San Francisco, hosted Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. With combined annual earnings of $300M in action, fans were paying $50,000 for a single courtside ticket.

Whilst Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship, in the midst of the fanfare and celebrations, a story of perspective and appreciation was told about the Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr.

An NBA Legend in his own right, Steve won multiple Championships with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and the ageless San Antonio Spurs. Steve, as an athlete, has been surrounded by the best minds in the business. Thus it’s no surprise to witness Steve’s rise to coaching excellence, with his second NBA Championship in the past three years.

Steve has been challenged with a crippling back injury, where he would be bed ridden with migraines, headaches and illness. Steve missed a significant portion of the season due to this. The obvious allocation of duties to his assistant coaches, along with his faith and trust, was a testament to the team culture he has embodied. Steve commented after the series win, his core principles of competition, compassion, mindfulness and joy are at the heart of him as a person and his program. There is no doubt, the world’s best players had bought into his philosophy, whilst learning to appreciate the little things that take place along the journey.

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport