The Backpage Term 2 Week 5

One of the simpler joys in my life is spending time in the evening building Lego with my five year old son. The joy it brings me is largely due to his infectious enthusiasm but also it allows for a shared experience in something I enjoyed as a child and now still do with my son. Many fathers of boys at the College have probably had a similar experience with their sons.

As my son’s interest in Lego grew, I noticed very quickly one significant change from the blocks that I remember as a kid. Today’s Lego comes in themed sets, with very specific instructions and an end product that my son doesn’t like to dismantle when he’s finished. What I remember loving as a child was the random blocks and the creativity involved building something from your own imagination.

At first I didn’t see this as an issue but as my sons interest grew I started thinking of ways to encourage his passion and to provide him with challenge and motivation. My natural instinct was to reward him for completing a set but when I did this I noticed two things: Firstly, he raced through the process of building, making a number of mistakes along the way, and secondly, and probably much more importantly, he became frustrated with the process, becoming agitated while building and breaking down emotionally when things went wrong.

At this point, you may be asking, what does this have to sport? Well, I needed a solution fast as I didn’t want him to lose interest so I turned to what I know about sport psychology and an area of my own interest - process vs outcome goals. Realising that I had fallen into the trap of only setting and rewarding outcome goals, I quickly made some changes. I bought him a box of classic Lego, which at first he didn’t see the point of. Then, I set a series of process goals such as time he could stay focused on a task, or the number of different combos he could come up with in that time - all goals that would keep him constantly focused on improving and very quickly his enjoyment and enthusiasm for building returned.

Last week all boys and parents in Years 7 to 10 were sent Mind Body Heart goal-setting surveys. The questions are setup in a way to help boys identify what they would like to achieve each term and then set a series of process goals to keep them focused on constantly improving. This type of goal-setting is something we feel strongly about in our Sport Program. Can I ask that as a community that we take time to make this a shared experience between boys and parents. Your son will be enthused about improving in this area of the College and this is a great opportunity to support him.

The strength and value of sport in a school is that the lessons it teaches transcend the weight room or the rugby pitch. Your natural instinct, like mine, may be to promote and reward outcomes, goals scored, or great test results. This is important, but also look for ways of working with your boys to set and reward process goals such as commitment to a training program or study timetable and what you will see is a boy who is constantly focused on improving, more enthusiastic and, dare I say, in the long run likely more to be successful.

A great Saturday of Sport was had with success across all of our Winter Sports. This week we look forward to the start of GPS Football and some big fixtures out at King’s. A huge thank you to Mr Rod Howell and the Football Support Group for hosting an outstanding season launch on Friday. We all look forward to Snowsports Cocktail Party next Friday. You can find more information here.

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

We played Knox and Grammar in a rain affected fixture last weekend.

It has been a long time since we played Knox and it ended up being good conditions after being very wet early Saturday morning. The 1sts had an epic battle against an enormous forward pack from Knox. The game ended with Scots victors by 33-19 - some great results in the Opens.

Football had a couple of draws in the 1sts and 2nds and then a win for the mighty 3rds. Grammar are a strong school in Football so this was a great result.

Cross Country are out in front and kicking away after picking up more points on the weekend. They now hold a commanding lead in the premiership.

Great results in Volleyball at Barker with wins in the 1sts and 3rds, and the 14As are still undefeated!

This weekend we travel to King’s for Rugby and we host King’s in Football.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

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Sport is an integral component of the Scots experience and brings together our community on the sidelines each Saturday. Look closely at the picture and you will see Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez (two of the best football players in the world) relaxing while watching their children play. ‘Let Kids be Kids’ is a national campaign that addresses sideline behavior - largely in junior sport.

The behavior of people on the sidelines of junior sport can have a profound impact on kids' participation and enjoyment of sport. Watch thisvideo where children talk about how they feel about comments from the sideline.

The message being sent is clear - let kids have fun and do what they love. Parents all want their children to shine on the sports field, yet there’s nothing that will dull a child’s sparkle more than having parents and spectators pressure them from the sidelines. What they hear can have a marked impact on them for the rest of their sporting lives. Some may rise above it. Many can’t.

In the week ahead we have Rugby fixtures against Cranbrook and Waverley, and Football against St Aloysius, Waverley and Grammar. We also commence our Athletics Trials in PDHPE in preparation for the House Athletics Carnival. I look forward to seeing parents on the sidelines watching their kids be kids!


It was great for all of our Junior fixtures to go ahead as scheduled on Saturday despite some heavy rainfall on Friday. Unfortunately our Years 5 and 6 A to D games were cancelled, however the improving Year 5/6 E team secured a 3-3 draw on the synthetic pitch at David Phillips. Fingers crossed for some better weather conditions this weekend!

Mr Greg Clarence

Preparatory Football Coordinator


Due to a number of washouts this past weekend the Prep Rugby Program only had three teams take to the field for Round 4. Of the three fixtures played, two of them were against opposition that we played for the first time in Redfield College and Central Coast Grammar School. Both schools provided a tough match and with both schools keen to be involved in the IPSHA competition moving forward I’m sure there will be many tough matches to come.

Mr James Bruce

Preparatory Rugby Coordinator

Story of The Week - Xavier Lenior Selected to NSW U19 Team


Congratulations to Xavier Lenior (Year 12) who was selected into the NSWCIS Volleyball Open team on Thursday 6 April. Xavier is also the captain of our Summer and Winter Volleyball Programs at Scots. Along with this achievement, a first for the College, Xavier has just been selected in the NSW U19 state team to compete at the Volleyball Nationals. Xavier is being joined in this team by The Scots College 2016 graduate and now Scots Coach Tom Holland in the U19 team.

That’s a wrap for this week. Good luck to all our boys this weekend.

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport