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Often in sport we hear of an athlete described as either ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’. I’ve never been comfortable with this description of athletes. I would never argue that there are some individuals who are better suited for certain sports or who have natural abilities that when combined with a number of other factors may lead them to success. What I would argue is that often what we are describing as ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’ is actually being used to describe an athlete who has made a long-term and goal-focused commitment to training to their chosen sport.

A cultural belief in giftedness creates problems at both ends of the spectrum. First, those being described as gifted or talented start to believe that they are, which may lead to believing that they don’t have to put in the hard work. Second, those described as non-gifted, do not believe that they have the talent and this may lead them to believing that there is no point in doing the work.

Across a large school sport program we see examples all the time of boys who start in the younger years in lower teams or at the back of the pack and through persistent goal-focused training in their time at Scots become standouts in our Sport Program. It was a highlight last year to watch our first XV being presented at the Rugby awards evening by the team they had played for in Year 7, with very few of them coming from the 1sts or witnessing on Saturday a boy lead our Intermediate Cross Country team who started at the College near the back of the pack.

What is important in both these cases is that both programs these boys are involved in are goal-focused, reward hard work over talent, and most importantly build the belief in boys that with this approach they have the ability to control their level of play and ultimately their outcome.

I often speak of the importance of sport in a school setting and it would seem to me that if a boy developed this mentality across all areas of their lives that they would be very successful.

It was great to see our first big Saturday of Winter Sport with our new scoreboard up in action. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in getting this project realised. We had some great results across all of our Sports on Saturday and look forward to another week of hard work and commitment to training.

A reminder that the Scots App is now up and running. All of your Directors and Coordinators will be communicating to you through this app.

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From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

First Round of fixtures last weekend and some great results in a number of Sports.

Our Cross Country team had a fantastic day out last week winning the day by a massive 28 points. This is the perfect way to start the season.

Volleyball also had excellent results with the 3rds having a win over Trinity. Trinity is a big school in Volleyball and to win a game is a great result.

Football took on St Joseph’s in the 1sts to 6ths,. We ended up with three wins, a draw and two losses. The 1sts won a close match 3-2. Also, well done to the 16As winning 5-0.

Rugby is never easy versus St Joseph’s but this weekend we had some good results. Well done to the 13Bs and 16As who had really good wins. The 2nds had 17-17l draw and the 1sts had a very close loss, going down 31-28.

This weekend we travel to Riverview.

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster

Last week I published in The Clansman the aims of Junior School Sport, with the first listed aim being ‘Enjoyment for children and sportsmanship to be emphasised at all times’. Research shows that a sense of social belonging that comes from being in a team and the enjoyment gained allows students to rise above the concerns of the moment and is linked to long-term student motivation and school success. It was inspiring to listen to John Cooley and George Calligeros, Captain of Senior and Prep Sailing respectively, at the Sailing Dinner outlining their experience gained from sailing. It was clear to see how their love of sailing enabled them to develop all the attributes of fine Scots boys. As we begin the season I remind all not to lose sight of this fundamental aim of Junior School Sport.

This week in Round 3 fixtures we play Shore, St Patrick’s and Cranbrook in Rugby, and King’s, St Pius and Mosman in the Football.


The Athletics season is now under way with Mr Ben Thomas and Mr Byron Crimmins coaching every Monday and Wednesday morning on the main oval from 7:15am to 8:15am. Students will be escorted to their respective campuses by 8:25am. I am encouraging all students in Years 2 to 6 to attend these morning sessions. Week 6 we will be holding our Athletics trials in preparation for our House Athletics Carnival. These trials will be held in school time and will replace PDHPE for that week. The House Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 3 August at SOPAC.

Mr Andrew Goldrick Preparatory Athletics Coordinator


Scots hosted Knox, Newington, Mosman and Central Coast Grammar in Round 2. There were a number of highlights across all levels with improved teamwork demonstrated as teams begin to gel. Of particular note, the sportsmanship and empathy shown by our 4As when an opposition player was injured (requiring an ambulance to attend) was most pleasing. It is this type of spirit and maturity that leaves a lasting impression of the way Scots plays sport. Well done, boys!

Mr Greg Clarence Preparatory Football Coordinator


This past week saw one of the highlights on the Prep Rugby Calendar - the Rugby Support Group Luncheon. As in past years, the Prep 1st XV were lucky enough to be invited on stage, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Senior School 1st XV which included six members of the Prep 1st XV from years past.

Well done to the seven boys from the Prep 1st XV who represented the Prep Rugby Program at the IPSHA trials, all involved performed at a very high level with several boys moving onto CIS trials later in the term.

Mr James Bruce Preparatory Rugby Coordinator

Story of the Week, 16As Rugby Successful Against Joey’s

Well done to the 16As on the weekend who had a great victory over St Joseph’s 29-10. Right from the opening whistle they dominated the game. The win was built on fantastic defence and some exciting attack. Dan Botha and Liam Oliver were very strong up front and Jo Brial had lots of aggressive runs through the Joeys defence. In the backs it was Sean Grace and Ben Zuchiatti controlling the midfield. This win was sweetened for most of the team as this was the first time they had beaten Joeys since being at Scots.

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Upcoming Functions

Friday 2 June, Snowsports Preseason Party. Information here, book here.

Friday 19 May - Football Season Launch. Book here.

That’s a wrap for this week. Scots to the fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport