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It is always a challenge in high school sport to create inclusive environments where all boys are equally challenged and catered for. At Scots we are setting up the structures as part of our whole-of-boy philosophy to do this better than any other College.

How do we do this?

Mind Body Heart PathwayScreen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.13.10 PM.png

This week all boys in our Junior Development Programs (Years 7 to 10) will receive their first Mind Body Heart report of the year. Accompanying that report will be a goal setting sheet to be completed by boys with the assistance of their parents. Boys use the information provided to them outlining their strengths and weaknesses and then set training goals and a training program to help them continuously improve. As the year progresses, further testing and reports will give the feedback required to boys and parents to adjust their training program to continue improving. 

Curriculum Based Sport Periods

All boys in our Junior Development Programs are required to attend lessons on either a Monday or a Tuesday in their chosen Sport. These lessons are curriculum based, focusing on age specific skill development designed to improve their skills. Our top coaches attend these sessions giving all boys regardless of ability or the team they have been selected for the opportunity to be coached by the best of what our school has to offer. We are proud to say at Scots that every boy in every program will have been coached throughout the year by our best coaches.

These are just two small examples that break down the traditional model of school sport where resources are normally allocated to top teams only and high level training programs are only provided once a boy achieves a high level. We believe that the importance of sport in schools is to teach boys that they are in control of their environment and ultimately that their commitment determines their outcomes. We are strongly pursuing this philosophy in the programs that we develop and look forward to further providing equal opportunity for all of our boys to pursue excellence.


The Graeme Dedrick Memorial scoreboard is well and truly underway. The scoreboard was installed last week and we hope to score our first Rugby matches using it this weekend at home against Joeys. A huge thank you to the Rugby Support Group and The Old Boys Union who were involved in significant fundraising for this project. Upon completions we will holding a grand opening. More news to come. 

Good luck to all of our teams this Saturday in our first full Saturday of winter sport.

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster


Another great weekend of Sport on the weekend. Well done to all Footballers and Rugby players who competed in the last of internal trials. This weekend we play St Joseph’s College in most fixtures and this will be a good barometer of where we are at and this stage of the season.

Volleyball had games vs Newington and Sydney Grammar. Well done to the teams who played Grammar and had good wins.

Cross Country was at Mutch Park and had really good results across the day. Shooting had practice out at Malabar and are getting set for GPS competition.

Last Saturday saw Scots vs Scots in the last of our internal trial games for Rugby. Really good weather made the Saturday perfect for excellent trialling. Please remember that this process takes time and boys can still feel like they are in lower teams than expected. Teams are not set in concrete, so keep playing well and boys will then be able to go up or down depending on how they play. Any injuries need to be discussed by email to either myself or Mr Hansen. If boys have a head knock they will go through the Scots concussion process and if boys have an injury longer than four weeks they will go into our Rehab process.

This weekend we play St Joseph’s at home. Please make sure all boys have mouth guards and proper Scots attire. We only have five home games through the season so make sure the boys are early and ready to play this weekend.

From Brent Wilsmore, Senior Sportsmaster

Round 1 commenced on Saturday 29 April and it will be good to look back after Round 10 in Term 3 and see the development of our teams. Our aim in the Prep School is to focus on the process not the outcome. The benefit of focusing on the process includes maximising potential, enjoyment and learning. When teams focus on the outcome - that is, we need to win; we need to score more points - it does not provide a constructive methodology in achieving sporting success. By focusing on the process - that is, we need to work as a team - the outcome is focused on strategies and skills to maximise performance.

We challenge parents to take the same approach as our coaches when communicating with the boys.

Avoid focusing on the outcome by asking questions like “Did you win?” and “What was the score?”

Instead encourage boys to think more critically and constructively by focusing on the process – “How did the team go?” “What did you do well?” “What can you work on at training next session?” This requires boys to increase their knowledge of the game, to evaluate performance and inevitably improve their own skills. This also leads to developing Thinking Sportsmen.

Reminder: Additional Skills and SEA have now commenced and are open to all boys.

In Round 2 we play Knox and King’s in Football, and Riverview and Shore in the Rugby.

Round 1 of Prep Rugby saw our U11s and Opens play out of our new home venue at David Phillips Field for the first time and the feedback was very positive from both an on and off the field perspective. The highlight from Round 1 was the 11Bs. After a very close first half, they worked as a team and by focusing on the game plan they ran away with the game in a dominant second half.

Good luck to the seven boys from the Prep 1st XV who will be attending the IPSHA trials this week and looking to progress through to the CIS trials later in Term 2. I would also like to congratulate Louis Kaye on his appointment to Captain of Rugby for 2017, I’m sure Louis will do a great job of leading the program.

After a term filled with fixture cancellations and unpredictable weather it was great to have Round 1 of Prep Football played under a clear and sunny skyline. With Rugby now joining Football at David Phillips (UNSW), it has really become the sporting hub of Prep Sport and will continue to reinforce the positive sports culture at Scots. This was exemplified through the sportsmanship and effort across all teams on Saturday.

Congratulations to Nicholas Hansen-Weeks on his appointment as Captain of Football for 2017. Nicholas has an outstanding work ethic and will undoubtedly set a positive example for all students playing Prep Football to follow. Well done, Nicholas!

Story of the Week - Ryan Lui Steps Up in Cross Country

Congratulations to year 11 student Ryan Lui who has made the transition from our Intermediate to our Senior Cross Country team with an outstanding first race finishing fourth overall across all GPS and CAS schools. Alongside team captain Jack Freer and the rest of the team the boys look to go after another GPS Premiership in Cross Country this year.

Ryan Lui.jpeg

That’s a wrap for this week. Good luck to all of our teams on Saturday.

Scots to the fore!

Mr Graham Pattison

Director of Sport