Four years ago we started a new era of training and competing in Athletics. It was always our intention to provide the boys with a training program and access to expertise in Athletics that would allow them to compete at the highest level. We have now become one of the largest Athletics schools in the country; competing year round in state, national and international level competitions. Our boys have taken up the challenge, they have committed to hard training sessions which have allowed them to succeed. The guidance of our coaching staff has also helped solidify their view that training is a key way of overcoming obstacles and reaching goals.

This past week, 95 boys from the Athletics program were involved in a three day training camp at Sydney's Academy of Sport and Recreation. The focus of the camp was to bring together their commitment to their training and to their academics in preparation for this weekend's AAGPS Athletics Championship.  Each day, boys were provided with four hours of dedicated study time where we saw the same level of commitment to their study as we did on the track. Well done to these boys!

Due to the growth in Athletics culture at the College, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to qualify for the Championship team. Congratulations to those boys who have been chosen to represent the College this Saturday. It is due to the result and the effort of all the boys across the College that you are able to compete at this level.

This week our Snowsports team look to continue their success at the NSW Championships as they take on the rest of Australia competing at the National Championships.  A huge thank you to all staff and parents involved in getting the boys to the level that they are currently competing at. Snowsports at Scots is successful as a result of a great team environment and an outstanding Snowsports community backing our boys. Good luck to these boys!

Below is a list of our Opens AAGPS Championship Athletics team.  If you pass them around the College please wish them the best for this weekend.

The Staff Wellbeing program is going well, with increases in all areas each week.  Mobility/Mindset sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am.  There is no need to sign up for these sessions.

Senior Sport

From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster

Congratulations to the Athletics boys on a successful team camp and another great performance at the Invitational on Saturday at Homebush.  The team look to be in great form heading into this week's AAGPS Athletics Championships.  Good Luck to the boys competing.

Our Tennis team played in an early season competition against Newington.  The team had success across all age groups.  Well done to Ryan Fowler and his team in preparing the boys well so that they are able to compete at a good standard early in the season.

Good luck to our boys competing this week at the National Snowsports Championships.  We look forward to hearing about your successes this week.

Our Summer Sport trials are now fully underway with boys preparing for the upcoming summer season. We will be looking at finalising numbers following the conclusion of the Athletics Championships this weekend.

Prep Sport

Good luck to all of the boys representing the College at this week's National Snowsports Championships.

This Week in Sport

That's a wrap for this week. We look forward to having the College community at the track supporting our Athletics boys this weekend.

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