In my first edition of The Back Page I described our vision of Sport at the College, outlining our focus on creating learning pathways designed to develop character in boys as they strive for excellence together.

It is easy at the end of any season to find ourselves focussed on winning and results. The achievement of our boys this winter season can be attributed to programs that teach boys to commit to their training as a team, take ownership of the things that are within their control and to see any obstacles as challenges.
We are committed at Scots to providing the best development programs in Sport for all of our athletes. At the Rugby awards evening on Saturday, it was great to hear the stories of those boys who started in Rugby at the College in the 13D and 13E teams, gradually working their way up through the ranks to eventually play for the 1st XV and win a Premiership. These stories show the value of a Sport program based on commitment and overcoming obstacles and should be told to all of the boys in our College. 

I would like to congratulate Mr Brian Smith and the entire Rugby community for their Premierships in both the 1st and 2nd XV, the first time ever in the history of the College. Your season of Rugby has been an inspiration to the entire community.

I would also like to congratulate our Open Cross Country team who at no point in the season conceded defeat in going after the Premiership. I take great pride in what you have achieved this season and the way that you have trained and competed as a team. 

Finally, a special congratulations to our 2nd XI Football team who had a great season, finishing second overall in the GPS competition. We look forward to watching all teams in the Football program improve over the coming seasons.

We now move into the Athletics season. Boys who have been chosen for the College team will represent us at carnivals over the next three weekends. We look forward to all of your support on Saturday 10 September at the AAGPS Athletics Championships as we aim to finish one place better than last season.

Our Mind Body Heart program is in full swing, with record number of boys taking control of their training and committing to their preparation for the summer Sport program. We look forward to another great season this summer.

Thank you to the entire Scots community for your involvement and support throughout the winter season.

Scots to the fore!
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The Staff Wellbeing program is going well, with increases in all areas each week. Mobility/Mindset sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am. There is no need to sign up for these sessions. 

Senior Sport
From Ed White, Senior Sportsmaster
The winter Sport season has now concluded. Boys now move into Athletics and summer Sport training. Good luck to the Athletics team as they compete at their first carnival this weekend.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and commitment over the winter season.

Cross Country
Our Cross Country team fought hard right to the end but unfortunately weren't successful in winning the Premiership against a very strong team from Sydney Boys High. Max Freer was the standout runner, moving up from the Intermediate team to help the Open team. Congratulations to the boys on an outstanding season.

An historic end to the Rugby season saw our 2nd XV win the Premiership in a great match at Riverview. Congratulations to both the 1st and 2nd teams on their successes this season. I would also like to congratulate Rob Heritage's 4th XV for being the only Rugby team to go undefeated this season. Our 16A team, although down a few players, had a strong win on Saturday. All results show that the future of Rugby at the College is bright.

The Football program at the College finished the season with the 2nd XI finishing second overall in the competition and the 1st XI third overall. It has been a good season of Football, and we look forward to seeing further improvement in the coming years.

Our 14A and 14B teams both had wins on the weekend. Congratulations to all of the boys who represented the College this year.

Prep Sport
Our Prep Athletics team competed at the Newington Invitational. The boys were the standout team not only winning the competition but breaking the 4 x 100m competition record. The team has committed to their morning training sessions and as a result are improving dramatically each year. We look forward to continued success from these teams as they prepare for the upcoming Championship competitions. 

This Week in Sport
Good luck to our Athletics team competing at E.S. Marks on Saturday in the first competition of the GPS season.

Thats a wrap for this week!
Graham Pattison
Director of Sport