Scots snowsports athletes have been taking part in a number of important events recently. 

Matthew Wright and David Patterson performed well in the Victorian Biathlon Championships. Matthew won both his races and David came away with a gold and a silver medal. David is fairly new to the sport but he is very enthusiastic about its complexity. According to David “Biathlon is a mix of two sports, target shooting and cross country skiing where the competitors cross country ski five laps of a set course and in between each lap the competitors shoot five rounds (bullets) at five separate targets. I raced in a sprint and also a longer distance race. I did better in the sprint and realized that I have to do some more fitness training.” Matthew needs to have one more good result and he will be selected in the Australian Biathlon Team.

Jordan Thompson performed brilliantly beating one of Australia’s top racer in Ridercross- Skiercross competition in Thredbo. With his gold medal he also received the winner’s cheque for $300.

The Cross Country skiers had both classical and skating competitions on the weekend.

Matthew Wright ,Robbie Zeilic, Oscar Arnott, Matthew Grafen, James Barrow, Nicholas Wright and David Patterson competed well and came away with good race practice in preparation for the NSW Interschool finals. The outstanding performer of the weekend was Hugo Hinckfuss who won both his races in skating and classical.

The NSW Junior Moguls competition was held in Blue Cow starting with the singles competition on Saturday. In the Youth category Oliver Logan finished second and Charlie Burns joined Oliver on the podium in third place. Marcus Podgornik finished in fourth place and fast improving Will Howes ended up in seventh place. The Junior division had three Scots representatives. Ben and Tom Matsumoto finished fourth and fifth respectively and Chester Burns achieved 12th place.

In the Dual competition on Sunday, Oliver Logan was on the podium in second place followed by Marcus Podgornik (4th), Charlie Burns (5th) and Will Howes in seventh place. In the older age group Ben Matsumoto reached the podium in third place beating his brother Tom in an exiting dual between the siblings. Chester Burns managed to improve on his previous performance to finish in ninth place.

Congratulation to all the boys involved!

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