AAGPS Rugby Selections

GPS Team Selections

Congratulations to all the boys who made it through to GPS Rugby selections and also to the boys who trialed on Sunday and made it to Under 16 Presidents XV. An amazing result getting 13 boys into GPS teams and 7 boys into Presidents XV teams.

GPS 1sts

Darcy Breen

Charlie Jeavons-Fellows

Sam Ridley

GPS 2nds 

Harry Todd

Gorge Miller

Hugh Green

GPS Blue

George Finlayson

Charlie Crawford

Ben Miller

Nick Shannon

Tom Yassmin

GPS White

Archer Gavin

GPS Reserve

Ryan O'Beirne

Presidents A XV

Jeremy Williams

Will Harris

Brett Wellington

Presidents B XV

Nathan Zylstra

Ben Baker

Charlie Baker

Fred Tricks


Brian Smith 

Director of Rugby

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