Scots Rugby - New GRTP Program

Scots Rugby - New GRTP Program

We have a new system to deal with the Graded Return to Play (GRTP) for players with head concussion. Details of the entire process follow:

  1. When a player has a head knock at training or in a game they will report to the Physiotherapist for assessment.
  2. The Physiotherapist will decide if the player can keep playing/training and will refer suspected concussion cases on to Dr Webster for a clinical assessment at one of our 2 x Clinics at Scots Medical Clinic (Friday 3-4pm & Saturday 10am-4pm).
  3. If Dr Webster diagnoses the player with Concussion they will have a rest designated period before starting their GRTP with Mr Peter Dumbleton.
  4. The GRTP is a 4 step program designed to ensure the players have a progressive return to training. All GRTP sessions are held at Scots from Monday to Thursday at 12.45pm in the College Gym. These are mandatory for all players on the GRTP list.

No player will return to play until they have completed the GRTP program and had a final medical check with Dr Webster. Mr Dumbleton is effectively the gatekeeper for all players on the GRTP list.

We believe we are running the best Schoolboy Concussion Program in the country to ensure our player's welfare is the main priority. For more details on the GRTP process please visit this site:

If you have any specific questions pertaining to concussion please free to contact: 
Mr Peter Dumbleton - 0420585719 
Dr Andrew Webster - 0417657058

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