On Saturday evening I had the opportunity to attend the Football support group cocktail evening where I spoke to a number of parents. One parent shared a great story with me about his son who had moved from the D's to the C's this year, with the ultimate goal of playing for our 13a's next year.  

What he described was a great story of a son coming to his dad with a goal, the two of them sitting down together to develop a plan, discussing obstacles that will be faced on the journey and then using sport as a learning opportunity to talk to his son about work ethic and commitment. Sport in this context can be transformative in a boy's life.  Committing to a goal, taking control of one's environment and seeing obstacles on the journey as challenges can be applied to any part of a boy's life. It was a great reminder of the role we play every day in helping transform their lives.   

A huge thank you to the Football support group for all of the effort in making Saturday evening such a successful event.

A great weekend of sport all round with a number of good victories at home in Rugby. Our 3rds Rugby travel this weekend to The Armidale School.  Boys travelling will be missing periods 5 and 6 on Friday. Teachers, please ensure that all boys are caught up on work and not using sport as an excuse to not get things done.

Our match of the week is our first 11 Football fixture away against Joey's at 1.15pm.  

For all the results from the weekend, upcoming fixtures and Scots Spots news click here

Scots to the Fore!
The Staff Wellbeing program is going well, with increases in all areas each week. Mobility/Mindset sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6.30am. There is no need to sign up for these sessions.   

Weekend Roundup

From Ed White, Acting Senior Sportsmaster
We had great results this weekend. I would like to thank everyone that came to support our teams at our first home fixture.  The atmosphere was fantastic!

Cross Country
Our team continues to take on the rest of the GPS and CAS. The open boys displayed another fine team effort winning again, finishing with 6 boys in the top 13 of the race. Harrison Phillips had an outstanding improvement. The intermediate boys were the class of the day, proving too strong for the competition with Ryan Lui finishing an impressive 2nd overall with 5 of our boys in the top 9. 

An outstanding win across the whole program, with our 3rds beating Joeys 21-20, 2nds continuing with their strong form winning against Newington and the 1st showing that they are coming together as a team with a good victory against Newington. I would like to highlight the character displayed by Harrison Best who moved from the 16c's to the 16a's to help secure a victory and being selected man of the match.

Our ever-improving Volleyball teams had a strong weekend winning 4 of 7 matches including the 1sts against Kings. Great performances were had by Ethan Eshuys and Marcus Podgornik in year 8.  

Soccer played at home in the last set of trial matches against Grammar. A good win was had in the 2nds with Thomas Kaldor receiving man of the match.  The 13e's had a great game winning 4-1 with Will Howes receiving the man of the match. We look forward to a strong first round performance as we take on Joey's at home this weekend.

Our ever-improving Volleyball teams had a strong weekend winning 4 of 7 matches including the 1sts against Kings. Great performances were had by Ethan Eshuys and Marcus Podgornik in year 8.  

Our Shooting team were in preparation for the upcoming season at ANZAC Range.

From Brent Wilsmore (Prep Sportsmaster)
Overall we continue to have excellent results. We lost some very close games in the 11's and 12's Rugby. These were the first for the season for these teams in high quality games. Importantly the effort and sportsmanship was impeccable as our boys use this as a learning experience in their development. The 9's and 10's Rugby continued their undefeated seasons. Our Football results have never been so strong and this is a testament to our boys effort and dedication to a great Football program, this is developing a great Football culture.

This week we host the Sevens Rugby again, along with the majority of the Football and Rugby matches. We look forward to a great atmosphere at our home venues.

Old Boy News
Coach K (Mr. Andy Kovari) had the opportunity to spend time with Scots Old Boy and University of Kentucky Basketball star Isaac Humphries. Coach Kovari was the Head Coach of the 1sts Basketball Team for 19 seasons, winning GPS Premierships and creating a culture and foundation which Scots Boys still enjoy today. Isaac is back in Sydney for a month, during the US Summer break, spending time with family and getting some on court work in with Mr David Todd in preparation for the NCAA Basketball Season. 
This Week in Sport
Looking forward to seeing a big group of supporters at Joey's this weekend. All weekend fixtures can be acccessed here.

Thats a wrap for this week!  

Graham Pattison
Director of Sport