I took the opportunity to watch the film "Eddie the Eagle" following sport on Saturday.  Although the movie takes many liberties with history, it is a heart-warming take on the British ski-jumper Eddie Edwards' struggle to gain selection and compete at the 1988 winter Olympics in Calgary.  The film quotes Baron de Coubertin's foundational ethos for his modern Olympics, "The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle." 

If there is any historical truth to the story, what can be learned is the power of having a goal, realising that you are in control of your environment and seeing everything on the path as a challenge.  

This week, boys will be given their results from the Mind Body Heart testing that was done last term.  This information will sit in Pipeline in their academic reports.  For the first time at the College, boys will have all of the information about where they are physically. Along with this information, they have an extensive and linked training program and direction for improvement. 

All boys, especially those with big goals in sport, will now have the ability to take control of their environments and challenge themselves to reach their potential using this information. 

Our Staff Wellbeing Program is still going strong. Don't forget to sign up again to join us this week. 

This year, Scots will be entering a staff team in the City 2 Surf. Information about the race can be found here.  More information will be distributed closer to the date. Start your training now!

Weekend Roundup

From Ed White, Acting Senior Sportsmaster

On Saturday, Rugby and Football played away at Kings. Cross Country had their first scoring competition at Pagewood, Volleyball competed at home and Rifle Shooting trained at ANZAC range.

Our Rugby teams had success in our final trial against Kings with good wins for the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds.  The teams, fresh off a successful New Zealand tour are looking forward to taking on Shore in the first round next weekend.

Football had good performances in the Opens with a good win for the 2nds and draws in the 1sts and 3rds.  The teams are coming together well early in the season and will only continue to improve over the next couple of trial matches.

Cross Country
Our Cross Country team competed on a tough course at Mutch Park in Pagewood.  All three teams competed very well with the Opens proving that they will be in contention to go after our 4th consecutive Premiership this year. We host the competition this weekend at St. Ives.

Volleyball had strong games this weekend against Trinity and Newington.  As a growing program at the school, it was great to see some solid wins from our younger boys.

Congratulations to Edision Qiu who qualified on Thursday to compete as part of the NSWCIS swim team at the NSW Championships.

This weekend we are up against Shore.  

From Brent Wilsmore, Prep Sportsmaster
Saturday was the first round of Winter Sport in the Prep School. We have an excellent list of coaches and our teams were very well prepared. This not only showed in our early season structure but also the results against the always competitive Riverview. This was particularly evident in our Year 3 boys in their first season of IPSHA Winter Sport. All Year 3 Football and Rugby teams were undefeated in Round 1. 

This season also saw the introduction of Sevens as an official IPSHA Sport. Our teams performed very well and enjoyed the modifications from the traditional game and the opportunity for greater involvement and to develop their skills. This week, Lachlan Butler is away with CIS Basketball team at the NSWPSSA championships.

That's a wrap, have a great week. 

Graham Pattison

Director of Sport