Scots Tennis Season Summary

The 2015/16 AAGPS Tennis Championships in so many ways has been a defining one. This season saw many of our young players take to the court and experience the team culture now an instrumental component of the Scots Tennis framework. Through the entire AAGPS 14 round competition (7 trial rounds and 7 main rounds) Scots Tennis remained undefeated against all schools. 

Throughout the season, Scots played 280 matches, with 180 wins, 51 losses and 29 draws at an overall winning average of 78.37%. This is a tremendous effort from all our boys and puts us up there as one of the Best GPS tennis programs currently in NSW.  Across the program we had 4 teams remain undefeated (16As, 16Ds, 13Cs, Open 6th’s), whilst the 14As, 13As and 2nd’s only had 1 loss. In Year 7 we had over 42 boys select tennis for their summer sport the second highest only to Rowing and as such continues to highlight the coming of age of Scots Tennis.

As a team the 1st and 2nd’s played extremely well, with the 2nd’s finishing runners up in the competition (an outstanding result) and 1st capturing 17pts more than last season.  The combined 1st and 2nd points tally of 98pts became the highest total points tally ever surpassing the College’s previous record of 92pts set 8 years ago. For the first time in Scots history, the College had 2 boys (Adam Malouf and Christian Della Cioppa) selected into the AAGPS tennis team with Christian ranked #2 in the GPS (our highest ranked Scots player ever) and Adam ranked 12. To add to this success Christian Della Cioppa also went on to equal the most wins in a GPS season by a Scots Player with 5 wins out of 7 rounds.

In summary this season has be a stellar one for the boys and College. Given such momentum, I look forward to the steps Scots Tennis will continue to take in efforts to strive for excellence.

Until next season...Scots to the Fore!

Many Thanks,

Mr Fowler 

MIC Tennis

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