Many people would call it “Ping pong” and consider it a recreational social activity but the sport of Table Tennis at the Scots College is a highly skilled, fast paced and tactically challenging Summer Sport. Where players smash the ball at over 100km per hour and spin the serve so acutely that it turns 90’ our players sweated their way through in the pilot year of the invitational table tennis competition.  

The 2015/2016 Summer Table Tennis Squad at the Scots College had an outstanding season. Lead capably by our Captain Jackson Lister our 23 man squad played a full round of fixtures against Waverley College, Knox Grammar School, The Kings School, Newington College, St Ignatius College and Sydney Boys High School.

Our players enjoyed the competition in both 3-man and 2-man team formats and our Division 1 side defeated all schools except the High side which has two Australian representatives in the squad. Special congratulations to Richard Wu the College number 1 player, Jordan Ng, Young Kim and Grant Loxton who were Richards team members of the Division 1 squad.

Award winners also include Ben Smithhills whose consistent play and skill development lead to him being named the Colleges most improved player.

The success of our Table Tennis Program this year has been unprecedented. From our humble beginnings in a carpark to training outdoors in the 'Cage', in the hallway and on the balcony of Anderson Hall, to our occasional indoor training and to playing at our home venue in Maroubra. We have come a long way.

The success of this sport cannot be measured in divisions won the success is in the fact that our 23 boys loved playing the game and that each boy challenged himself and his teammates and each boy saw improvement in their play. 

The skill of our boys was a testament to the training and coaching they received. A special thank you to Peter Masen and Myles Feist for all their hard work and to Jackson Lister, the Captain of Table Tennis, for his commitment and leadership.


Claudia Brin

MIC Table Tennis

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