Spurs and Scots


The Spur and the Lion

Tottenham Hotspurs are one of the biggest clubs in the London, their coaching philosophy is based around “spirit, challenge and innovation”. The Tottenham academy coaches are employed to develop the next generation of Premier league players. Harry Kane is a product of the Tottenham Academy system. Last Thursday their academy coaches visited the college and ran a two-hour training session for our young footballers.

Our Year 6, 1st and 2nd squads were lucky enough to be coached by the Tottenham academy coaches. Our boys were certainly put through their paces, they participated in a range of drills focusing on first touch, movement, foot work, and game awareness. I was very proud of the way our boys applied themselves and I am sure this will be a lifelong memory for our young Footballers.

Our strong relationship with Sydney FC continues to provide unforgettable experiences for our Footballers. On Saturday night, nine boys from our 3rds and 4ths represented the college in front of seventy thousands fans, they were the official Flag Bearers and were involved in the pre-game procedures. From all reports our boys absolutely loved the experience and I am sure it will be an experience they will not forget.

Thank you to all the staff who were involved in getting Tottenham to the college, and I hope that this will be a relationship that continues to develop in the future.

Andrew Goldrick

MIC Football


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