Rugby Program

Rugby 2014

After some research, we have learned that we have the largest rugby program of any school in the world. Across our Prep and Senior schools, we have 50 teams, engaging around 800 rugby players. It is no wonder that rugby is such an integral part of the fabric and culture of The Scots College.

This year the Prep school has an impressive winning percentage across all years, which demonstrates solid foundations and points to a bright future of rugby for the college.

The Under 13s have been our most successful junior age group in the senior school, which shows what energy and a real willingness to learn can deliver. Most impressive was the progress of the Under 13G team who played with a spirit that not only secured results, but was inspiring for all who worked with them.

The Under 14s started the season as the age group to watch, combining skill and game understanding that defied their years. They showcased the Scots’ style of play to a tee. True to sport, they met some challenges as the season progressed, and, through these, have no doubt grown as players.

The Under 15s returned from Glengarry with their usual, newfound discipline and maturity, which translated into outstanding performances across the three teams.

The Under 16s have had a tough season, learning valuable lifelong lessons related to resilience and determination, and of never giving up under pressure. These boys should progress with renewed confidence into Opens rugby next year.

The Opens age group brings together boys from two year groups, presenting both challenges and opportunities. We have seen some remarkable individual improvements over the years, and 2014 was no different, with certain boys proving that you really do get out what you put in.

I would also like to congratulate all those boys who achieved representative selection this year; in the Sydney Juniors U15 and U16; in GPS teams; NSW Schoolboys; and the college’s Australian Schoolboy, Angus Crichton.

I would also like to congratulate Toby Rudolf, Captain of Rugby 2014, for his outstanding leadership, and consistently exemplifying our core values of hard work, discipline and respect.