Prep Cross Country 2014

Prep House Athletics

It was great to see boys extend themselves over the challenging 1, 2 and 3 kilometres courses at Queens Park on Wednesday 19 March. In what was a very close competition the overall House points score was as follows: Deane 1312, Edyvean 1256, Spier 1004, Palmer 875, Bell 811, Palling 794. Well done, Deane!

The Age Champions are as follows: Year 2: Riley McGuinness; 8’s: Mason O’Brien; 9’s: Harrison Karabalios; 10’s: Jonathan Ryan; 11’s: Benjamin Short; 12’s:Dylan Hansen.

Congratulations to the following boys on your selection in the Cross Country Team:
Harrison Karabalios, Julian Podgornik, William Shortt, Mason O’Brien, Madden Williams, Callum Maxwell, Ben Vanstone, Rory O’Keefe, Zachary Brownjohn, Alexander De Oliveira, Jonathan Ryan, James Kotis, Winston Kloster, Charlie Moore, Ashton Springett, Thomas Unger, Harry Norton, Lachlan Butler, Paddy Ferguson, Dylan McGee, Benjamin Shortt, Matthew Wacher, Charlie Burns, Thomas Cox, William Ries, Oliver Torrance, George Summerhayes, James Rose, Hugo Hinckfuss, Luka Mattani, Dylan Hansen, Lachlan Harris, Ethan Eshuys, Kristian James, Henry Confos, Jack Davis, Angus Booth, Dylan O’Neill, Alexander Belsten, Zac Raue.

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