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For the first time ever, Scots sent a team of 7 boys to the Sydney Schools Regional Surfing Titles held on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May at Cronulla beach. The boys surfed against 'seasoned pros’, including many boys who surf on a national and international stage. It was the biggest Sydney title event in its history with 30 schools and 170 boys and girls involved. The swell was small but perfect, with no wind, 27 degrees outside and 22 degrees in the water providing the perfect Autumn conditions. Waves were suited to younger surfers as they lacked the size and power of those we saw at our school event last month.

The Scots boys did extremely well and represented the school proudly. The best result was Lewis Kennedy-Hunt who progressed to the quarter finals, narrowly missing the semis by 0.2 points and placing 13/60 overall. The top 24 moved through to the quarter finals, so below you can see just how close the Scots boys came:

Under 16’s (60 surfers)
Harrison Murdoch 26th
Oscar Ayto 29th
Charlie Smith 47th

Under 19’s (60 surfers)
Thomas Hammond 27th
Hugo Deal 30th
Simon Johnston 47th

It is hoped this is the first of many surfing events Scots boys will have the opportunity to take part in and they should all be proud of their efforts. Boys will be presented their Scots Surfing trophies in an assembly to be announced later this term.

Ms Jeni Lee

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