House Athletics

House Athletics

This year’s House Athletics Carnival took place in perfect conditions at Sydney Olympic Park. Following from the success of last year’s carnival all boys at the college have undergone specific athletics testing to determine the events best suited for them. This scientific approach to Athletics at the college is making for an exciting house event where boys in every race and event are evenly matched for competition.

The House spirit was evident throughout the entire evening with boys from all year groups cheering on their peers. The event culminated in the traditional 100kg/100m race with all houses lining the edge of the track to cheer on the runners.

The event also saw a number of outstanding individual and team performances. Some of the highlights include Year tens Matthew Scott (Bruce) and Jarrod Cullen (Brandt) breaking House Carnival records in the 1500m and 400m respectively. The Bruce House Open 4×400m team ran an impressive relay race breaking the House Athletics record in a time that would make them competitive at the GPS Athletics Championship.

In team competition James Bee took an early lead over Bruce and Royle. The point totals were still close going into the final relay events. The strength of the Bruce relay teams proved to be the decider allowing them to take the overall team title as House Athletics Champions 2013.

The Final House Athletics Rankings are as follows:

Bruce 1622 points
James Bee 1465 points
Royle 1248 points
Gilchrist 937 points
Fraser 896 points
Anderson 843 points
Aspinall 834 points
Brandt 801 points
Macky 756 points
Armstrong 682 points
Fairfax 613 points
Kirkland 490 points

Individual age group awards will be announced at the Athletics assembly early next term.

I would like to thank the Mr. Blackburn for his organization of the event and Mr. Tsewang for his tireless efforts behind the scenes in testing all of our boys. I would also like to thank Mr. Torrance, the entire PE department and those teachers who assisted with events on the evening.

Thank you to all of the Housemasters for your support in organizing team and race selections and also for your assistance of the boys on the day.

Boys have been selected from this event based on performance to represent the college on the Athletics team. With so many great performances at the House Athletics Carnival we should all look forward to the outstanding season of Athletics ahead.

Mr. Graham Pattison
Director of Athletics

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