Prep Athletics Review 2012

Prep Athletics

Once again the Scots House Athletics Carnival was held out at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre (Competition Arena), which allows the boys to participate at a high standard venue with state of the art facilities and Photo Finish electronic timing. It also allowed the spectators the opportunity to view the events from the comfort of the Grandstand. It has also been a strategic decision as the boys compete in all major carnivals at this venue and the Scots boys are developing a familiarity and certain comfort when attending such events. The House spirit and Scots sportsmanship that was on display was wonderful to see. Congratulations to Edyvean House for being awarded the House Spirit Award for the day and to the winning House, Spier.

The following boys won trophies for their performance at the 2012 carnival.

• The School Cup 8 Years – Thomas Unger
• The Mitchison Cup 9 Years – Luca Ace-Nasteski
• The Harding Cup 10 Years- Ilan Ronen
• The Lands Cup 11 Years – Campbell Pert
• The Rich Cup 12 Years – William Harris
• AE Lisle Cup 11/12Years 800m – Max Freer
• Tomlinson Cup Open 100m – William Harris
The Scots Athletics Team – 2012
Captain of Athletics 2012 – Charlie Burgess-Hoar

Newington Invitational
The Scots boys represented the College with distinction, not only the manner in which they performed on the track, it was also their behaviour and sportsmanship when not competing that caught the attention of many spectators.
Scots set 3 new records on the day:
• Carlos Potter in the 8 yrs 200m – 32.41 sec
• Campbell Pert in the 11 yrs High Jump – 1.40m
• Charlie Burgess-Hoar 12/13 yrs High Jump – 1.53m

South Harbour Invitational
The South Harbour carnival was a chance to see how far the boys had come in the past few weeks. The results from this carnival were nothing short of amazing as we witnessed the Scots boys dominate the carnival with top 3 placing’s in 60 of the 64 events we competed in. Improvements were still being made with records set the previous week being broken again.
• Campbell Pert in the 11 yrs High Jump – 1.45m
• Charlie Burgess-Hoar 12/13 yrs High Jump – 1.55m

IPSHA Carnival
There was a wonderful atmosphere at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre with so many athletes and supporters up in the stands. While our confidence was high leading into this event, the reality was we were competing against the highest quality athletes from all Independent Schools. Leading into the carnival the coaches had commented on the boy’s commitment and enthusiasm at morning training sessions and it was quite clear by the end that their hard work was paying dividends. Off the track, the boys were an absolute credit to Scots, in terms of their behaviour, sportsmanship and the encouragement shown towards each other. I have not witnessed such strong school spirit and comradery as this group of young men displayed. On the track, the boys were showing that they were a force to be reckoned with. It was a privilege to be associated with such a fine group of young men on the day. They truly were “Fine Scots Boys” in every sense of the phrase.

There were a number of notable performances on the day:
• Fred Tricks – Shot Put (10th)
• Ross Batho – 100m (9th)
• Kyle Berhens, Ethan Hillier, Alex Mahony and Luca Ace-Nasteski – Junior Relay (9th)
• Ilan Ronen – High Jump (8th)
• Luca Ace-Nasteski – 200m (8th)
• Ethan Hillier – Long Jump (8th)
• Christian Waked – 800m (7th)
• Nick Wright – Turbo Javelin (6th)
• Chris Ballas, Max Ries, Lewis Kennedy-Hunt and William Harris – Senior Relay (6th)
• William Harris – 100m (6th)
• William Harris – Long Jump (6th)
• Rory Thomson – Long Jump (6th)
• Ross Batho – Long Jump (4th)
• Ross Batho – Discuss (3rd)
• Chris Ballas – 800m (3rd)
• Luca Ace-Nasteski – 100m (3rd)
• Ethan Hillier – Shot Put (2nd)
• Max Freer – 800m (2nd)
• Ilan Ronen – 200m (2nd)
• Campbell Pert – Long Jump (2nd)
• Charlie Burgess-Hoar – High Jump (2nd)
• Campbell Pert – High Jump (1st)
• Carlos Potter – 100m (1st)
• Ilan Ronen – 100m (1st)

These results are outstanding when you consider there are over 100 competitors in each track event and approximately 30 in each of the field events. In order to progress to the CIS carnival boys were required to finish in the top 6 for their event, or top 4 in the 800m.

NSWCIS Carnival
The Following boys were selected for the CIS team to compete in the NSWCIS Carnival on 12 September. Chris Ballas, Max Ries, Lewis Kennedy-Hunt, William Harris, Max Freer, Nick Wright, Charlie Burgess-Hoar, Ross Batho, Campbell Pert, Rory Thomson, Ethan Hillier, Ilan Ronen, Luca Ace-Nasteski and Carlos Potter.

Of these 12 events Scots boys featured in 10 of the Finals. Boys were placed in the top 7 in all events.
The top 3 in events make the CIS team, with 4th places being a reserve.

1st Places:
Ross Batho – Long Jump (New CIS Record) 5.03m
Campbell Pert – High Jump
Ethan Hillier – Shot Put

2nd Places:
Charlie Burgess-Hoar – High Jump
Luca Ace-Nasteski – 100m

3rd Places:
Campbell Pert – Long Jump
Carlos Potter – 100m
Ilan Ronen – 200m

4th Places:
Ilan Ronen – 100m
Chris Ballas – 800m
Will Harris – Long Jump

These boys will now represent the CIS team at the PSSA carnival in October.
Finally, I would like to thank Mr Blackburn (MIC Scots Athletics), Mr Torrance (Director of Sport), Mr North, Mr Wilsmore, Mr Bruce, Mr Goldrick, all the specialist coaching staff and parents for their continued support of the Athletics program and the Scots team throughout the course of the season. In particular I would like to thank Charlie Burgess-Hoar along with all the senior members of the team for their wonderful leadership of the athletics team in 2012. As a group, they have truly led by example on and off the track and been wonderful role models for all involved.

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