AAGPS Selections

Scots Team

The Scots College Sports Department is pleased to announce the following AAGPS Representative selections in Rugby Union and Football for 2012.

The GPS Rugby Union trial season has seen some exciting results. The 1st XV had some impressive outings against some of the toughest schools in the competition, notably the exciting win over Newington College at Stanmore. The College rugby program continues to provide a platform for athletes to move into representative honours, these include:

GPS 1sts – David Horwtiz (Captain), Andrew Kellaway
GPS 3rds – Angus Chrichton, Will Rayner

After an impressive trial season for the defending AAGPS Premiers 1sts Football team, the following Scots athletes have been selected to represent the AAGPS Football teams:

GPS 1sts – Joe Ballesteros, James Spyrakis, Mr Tony Canning (Coach)
GPS 2nds – Peter Groenlund, William Cooper, Ben Bryant

Scots to the fore!

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